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My name is Rob Royale, one of Princess Luna's guards. As a writer I don't take myself very seriously so lets all enjoy the lolz and the fact that we all watch a show about colorful talking ponies!

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Inactive Till the Holidays · 4:36pm Oct 28th, 2015

Hello all, incase anyone is wondering I won't be active until the Christmas season. College is hell this semester and I'm bogged down doing art and everything that goes with it. Digital, drawing, pen, classes, requests, tumblr, etc. There isn't enough time in the day and though I'm a creative writing minor it's very hard to put the time and energy right now into writing Marefriend Advisor or any other story for that matter. My skills as a writer have gotten better as has my grammar (somewhat)

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When will Marefriend Advisor be updated!?

hey Rob! I'm going to be reading your two most known stories: Summer Sunset and Marefriend Advisor. two reasons why:

1. the featured main characters in that story are both in my favorite characters list from the show: Sunset Shimmer (#1) and Twilight Sparkle (#2).

2. easily my favorite OTP (One True Pairing) is of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. and which Twilight Sparkle to be exact? why the one that reformed Sunset Shimmer: Pony Twilight Sparkle!

so expect comments from me as I read those stories :D

2096714 thank you kindly.

That's still really impressive :D

2096675 all of that was in prov. I am not much of a choreographer.

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