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Brony Mithos

I love,love,love MLP and like to work on my headcannon and RP I mod an MLP forum. :3 Sunset Shimmer, Luna, and Celestia are my favorite ponies too I also like Applejack oh and I live in Oregon.


new depression/protest fic · 1:53pm Nov 1st, 2017

Following the MLP S7 finale:Shadow Play I will be writing a new one shot called:A wasted Life.

It will be about the IDW comic character Shadow Lock, for those not in the know he was established a year to year and a half BEFORE S7, he is a descendant of Stygian AKA the Pony of Shadows. His clan has spent over a thousand years anticipating his return and has been working to prevent it and the mere existence of Stygian from being known.

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Speaking of my next actual chapter will be done soon. :pinkiehappy:

I watched 6 episodes, only 2 were not liked by me. So S8 does seem good and I think you will like what is to come. :twilightsheepish:

well alright then, but just no spoilers because I just want to do my best and wait for the proper air date of season 8, okay? :/

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