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When I die, I want Pop Goes the Weasel to play at my funeral. That way, as the assistant is winding the crank, the audience stares in horrified expectation at my casket!

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I have no idea where I heard it from... I think it was some comedian. I loved it enough to use it for a site dedicated to Pony fanfiction. Maybe it was someone here.. I have no idea anymore

That's really cool! (Also, I love your bio quote. Just had to say that. XD)

It was by pure chance. My first playthrough? nah, I didn't even consider talking to her. I was just randomly screwing around and thought "Hey, animals usually have a line if you talk to them as Wolf Link, what does Epona say?" Her saying your name and for you to get a move on just threw me for a loop... It was the best little Easter Egg except not really in a game. Again, like so many other animals, the fact she actually knew you by name and seemed to care was just so wonderful.

Oh, well I hope you do enjoy it when you read it!

Ever since she had a brief line in Twilight Princess as Wolf Link (my favorite Zelda after Majora's Mask) I was always interested how she has a vaguely snarky, yet comforting presence to her.

You know, it's pretty funny. I didn't even know she had a line, (I never tried talking to her) but that was exactly the personality I'm aiming for inside my story.

  • Viewing 103 - 107 of 107
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