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Based on a true story. Kinda. Not really.
A man named Jason previously led a rather melancholy life before he died violently. No surprise there. But as he wakes up in Equestria and is thrown into a foreign body, he is forced to survive with the guise of a changeling. Taking place shortly after the failed changeling invasion of Canterlot, how can he keep from being revealed by new security measures, and blend into this new world, while making use of the most unlikely of allies? But of course, avoiding ponies only turns out to be the easy part when trouble has a habit of reading its ugly head. Really though, what could go wrong?

Props to the ever epic Zubafa for his cover art.

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I want to read, and I will.

one sec I'm making a gif

EDIT: well shit I made a good gif but it has a retarded codec so image sharing sites wont take it
anyway heres a crumby not hd version.


Well. This was interesting. Can't say I like it, but I don't NOT like it. I guess I'll track for now. But can you update somewhat frequently? (frequent being every day or so, seeing as how the longest chapter here wasn't even 1.5k words)

A HiE fic that doesn't look like a kindergartners dribble?


1711259 Gonna read this later, but I wanted to say your profile pic works so well with that 'huh'.

oh wow that is just messed up its like thinking life cant get worse and then fate steps in and shows you how wrong you are

Some very minor mistakes here and there, but overall very good.


They get longer. Don't worry

Hope he doesn't bump into Pinkie, she'll know it's a changeling with her Pinkie Sense... :pinkiegasp:

"Thinking about his life,"
I have heard this line so many times!

I'd like this to happen to me when I die. Or just wake up one morning as a changeling, that'd be great. But for now, simple escapism will just have to do...

Pretty good, but Twilight seems OOC. Normally, she'd push further. I mean come on. Little colt coming out of the Everfree forest alive, after fighting a timber wolf? Yeah, Twi wouldn't just let that drop. Still looking forward to more though.

I just love HiE fics, especially when the guy gets turned into a changeling.

i think twilight would be more impressed then anything about a tiny colt being able to do advanced magic like that, heck i might even think that she would want to tutor him in magic

I am so loving this story! :raritystarry:

Lol, screwin round with little kids, friekin hilarious. Loving the story so far :twilightsmile:

love the profile picture

>Incredibly OP OC
>riiiiiiight :trixieshiftright:

Thanks, I put a lot of work into it. I honestly think it came out great! :twilightsheepish:

Well, looks like he'll be covered in tree sap and debris soon, if the CMC track record holds true. Then again, he might have less trouble with the timber wolves.

The brushoff Twilight gave after he left her house was a little jarring however. She could probably chalk up the fight with a timber wolf as a lie for something more mundane but to teleport? That should be nagging her, Twilight being the expert on magic. I suspect Twilight will be giving the 'little colt' the 3rd degree should they bump into each other again-- possibly because she thought she was the only magic prodigy.

And about the OC OP groaning; he's a fully grown changeling, a predator with not very nice magic. What did you expect, a mundane earth pony?

1715852 your profile picture and comment are just perfect together :rainbowlaugh:


did anyone else here that train wreak? :rainbowlaugh:

great story BTW
EDIT: so far

I usualy do not like a story that rushes along a few things but ... this way it makes it seem both funny and interesting at the same time! Keep Goin! and... MOAR! :flutterrage:

Oh shit I never noticed that! They are! :pinkiegasp:

No, but not a martial artist with ninja skills who is stronger than Twilight :ajbemused:

Love is a powerful thing. At least until it runs out.

>simple changeling
>mane 6 beats up hundreds
>stronger magic than twilight
>kills wolf
>shiggy diggy:ajbemused:

1720763 I do believe that changelings are a hivemind of sorts, which would probably greatly impede ability to effectively "learn" magical spells.

But, Jason is independent, so he probably keeps the magical ability of almost anything he can transform into and he has the effective abilities of a given changeling. Though, that said, weird shit would go down if he met Queen Chrysalis.

If changelings kept the abilities of anything they transformed into, then they would, without even needing to mean to, become the dominant species anywhere, there has to be some sort of inhibitor, otherwise Chysalis would be irrelevant, and the hivemind would make no evolutionary sense if all changelings were that powerful. See? :pinkiehappy:

1711667Don't you mean a pinkie party panzer?

One word, the word that closes all plot-holes:Magic

because I have nothing actually important to say, I guess I'll just put this here

So where's the vendor selling pitchforks and torches...?

Not so much a plot twist as an "Uh oh" moment for our intrepid changeling. Low on magic, facing Twilight, Applejack, and part of the town. Didn't Zecora have a good quote for this? Oh yeah...

Time to roll a D20 and hope for the best on the reaction table after some profuse begging and grovelling.

That's walking distance, isn't it?
If you get that reference, you get a black and white muffin.

I didn't think ponies would form lynch mobs... I stand corrected. Twi's pissed... :twilightangry2:

Twi is a bitch lol, all though I do hate short chapters, I'm glad to hear that the story now has conflict and you promised longer ones so yay... MOAR :flutterrage:

idiot of course twilight was on to you no foal should be able to do the kind of magic you displayed

Are you typing the chapters as they come out, or do you have them planned ahead? 'Cause if you are, it makes me feel like I affected the story with my comment back in chapter 4. Doubt I did, but I'd like to know your answer. Key word being LIKE. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. And I have a couple title pic ideas, just tell me when you want to see them.

Just a question, in a previous chapter, you said that he was bigger than a Timerwolf, and from what we now, they are taller than ponys, not to mention that he is very good with magic and even dominate advance ones, very quick, so that means that he is as big and powerful as Chrysalis? because if he is, that sound very interesting, a Changelin King if you like.
I can see the description that the book can said about them:

Changeling King: A very rare but even if not more dangerous that a Changeling Queen.Capable of not only change to anypony but to also any kind of animal that he wants, being able to learn and adapt to any kind of stressful situation that they face being extreme condition, unknown magic and even social techniques at an alarming short time.
Changelings Kings are know to be the only kind of changeling that can fed from either love or hate, and if they mate the end result will always be a Changeling princess that when maturity, will become a Changeling queen or a Changeling princess that will become a Changelin King. Due to be very rare, there is not know information of how to deal or defeat one, if confronted, the only option is…

Just a suggestion, but if in the end you make him a Changeling King, mention my name, please.

I do have this generally fabricated ahead of time. Generally. That said, you may have a little bit, so thanks for pointing that out.
With pictures though, you could send them to me anytime, and hopefully my computer will allow me to do stuff with them, because at least one must be better than the one I have.


Hopefully that clears up any confusion about why I chose the user picture.
It works with everything I say.

In response to your question, here is how I imagined the sizes to be.
The timber wolves are only SLIGHTLY larger than ponies, and he is only SLIGHTLY larger than the wolf, not like Queen size, for reasons that will be revealed in the next chapter, I think. That should come out tomorrow, the 4th, by the way, at least according to schedule.

So basically, he's not on the same level as Chrysalis, and as of yet, there are no plans for making Jason completely over-powered.

EDIT: for the record I post all of the release dates on my user page, along with other stuff pertaining to this story, so look there if you ever want to know something.

1736306Cool. I'll pm you with a picture and a link.

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