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Still Working · 6:54pm Jul 30th, 2020

Hello, Everyone

I say everyone as if a bunch of people will see this. I had given up for a while on my writing on this site. I had a big move, my friend had committed suicide, there was work stuff, so It didn't seem a valuable use of my time anymore. So I stopped for a while, and I didn't plan on picking it back up. But as time passed, something nagged at me. I can't quit explain what it was but it made me come back to the site.

I want to finish this story.

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You’ll just have to read and see!

2768643 ok, that ok, i am good, well i am wondering in your story only for her are we going to be able to see applejack and rainbow dash foal when she or he is born in that story

Yeah, I know how! Sorry, been pretty busy the last couple days. Whats up?

hey i have a question do you know how to send mail to me

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