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When I die, I want Pop Goes the Weasel to play at my funeral. That way, as the assistant is winding the crank, the audience stares in horrified expectation at my casket!


Mending Heart is persuaded to go to the very new amusement park that just opened. With the Crusaders tagging along, he will have the experience to last him a life time. But there is something sinister happening in the shadows and it has something to do with the park's two owners. What are they doing and can Mending Heart get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearances that have been occurring all over Equestria?

Rated for violence and language

Stars several well known ponies as amusement park employees.

Starts off with comedic elements and turns dark towards the end.

Not as innocent as the picture suggests. The picture was free and on a generic clip-art site... making it almost impossible to get sued... :pinkiecrazy:

Pre-read by this generous person once again. I am beginning to sense a pattern :pinkiecrazy:

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