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This story is a sequel to Path of Kindness and Blood

As written in prophecy, after a thousand years of banishment, the two faced princess shall return and change the world. Pureblood thestrals and their clans are awaiting her return, ready to support her.

Fluttershy, the decades old pureblood thestral, sought refuge in Ponyville after death of her parents. She’s faced many trials and hardships while forging many friendships and forming a small clan of her own.

Now, as the night of the two faced princess’s return is dragging near, it is up to the young pureblood and her friends to face her. Will they help Luna to surface and convince her to lead thestrals down the road of peace, or will they fail and Nightmare Moon will lead them down the path of conquest?

To make matters worse, Moon Shadow, the most powerful pureblood, may have plans of his own.

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EternityFlame - Prologue, chapter 1 part 1 and 2
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Interesting...what a different way to start the story. I can't wait for Twilight to meet Fluttershy in this.


Im here now :yay: also please ignore him ^.^

I was wondering what Twilight was doing in this alternate universe and how the return of Nightmare Moon would play out. Now my questions are going to be answered!:pinkiehappy:
This is a brilliant fanfiction and I can't wait to read more.

Why are the crystal guard in here? The empires isn't back yet.

What about Nightmare Moon?


Why are the crystal guard in here? The empires isn't back yet.

Or is it?

7069158 I meant in terms of Celestia already telling Twilight and all that junk.

Wonder what's Twilight's reaction to Fluttershy being alive?

I hope to see a little more backstory to Twilight's history about her interactions with half blood vamponies

Who knows, maybe they could use diplomacy this time.

7068883 Ow, my ears monitor! :fluttershbad:

Is it wrong that i m more hype for this than s6?

This is looking very promising so far… :pinkiegasp:

:facehoof: I was afraid Celestia would do something stupid like this.

Wow, I bet Fluttershy wakes up after Twilight gets there and freaks her the hell out. :trollestia:

Ooooooooooh this is so exciting!!! I can't wait for Twilight to go to Ponyville! I am very interested to see where this goes! Alternate universe stories are always fun!

In this AU with dark theme and blood-drinking thestrals, ironicaly, Celestia send Twilight to Ponyville with mission to use diplomacy against Nightmare Moon rather than hope she will unlock the artifacts. The tables sure changed.

It depends. I didn't watch the first two episodes yet, however I know that season 5 last part was quite rushed, aside from the fact that Shining Glimmer was OP entire episode for absolutly no reason, beating an alicorn over and over. It kind of weaken the hype for next season. ( The alternative timelines were cool though, except Flim Flam brothers one, that came out of nowhere).

So yes, base on those factors, it makes sense to be more excited about a story (though there are plenty of better ones than mine).

Anyway, MLP often seems to rush last part of the finale and adress issues in first episodes of next season, so I hope that they adressed some of the issues and improved it.


:facehoof: I was afraid Celestia would do something stupid like this.

Why stupid. She had to consider her options since without Fluttershy, the Elements are out of the picture:
a) Send Twilight as she planned and hope that the Elements picked up another pony ( which would be risky since most informations Celestia got about the candidates for bearers were from letters. Futhermore, there's a chance that Nightmare Moon would already have a massive army waiting for her arrival.

b) Lead the guard to war, which would result in losses in thousands on both sides. Sure, maybe she could win, but the losses would be too great for her concious.

I am sure there are more alternatives, however the one Celestia came up with doesn't seem all that bad. Also, remember that this is AU so Nightmare Moon may have diferent agendas and backstory than ( I want to freeze the world with Ethernal Night). Celestia is hoping Twilight can resolve it with diplomacy.

That's a possibility.

Glad you're excited. I hope you won't mind that it will take a bit before Fluttershy get on the scene. I want to flesh out Twilight and Nightmare Moon a bit in it before Fluttershy will get some spotlight.

Comment posted by CommanderX5 deleted Mar 28th, 2016

7069389 Apologys my mind splits into two when excited

7068880 OMG Its a tEM! Hugs the tem

7070437 By taking HER side of the coming conflict?
Still, I see your point. It will just be harder for the Elements to be found if Twilight is at lest pretending to be on the other side, hell would the others even want to work with Twi while she's Nightmare's 'puppet'?
But your the author, I'll just have to wait and see.

'cause of prequels, FAV without reading.

7069724 Any more stupid than withold intel to the ones with the world's greatest superweapon?

Considering that was what she did during the pilot....and the fact she continued to manipulate twilight...Princess Celestia really does deserve the Queen title Faust gave her originally.

Do you remember how in last story, Moon Shadow used Hawkeye to tell Fluttershy about the return of Two-faced princess who will change the world. As well as telling her that she was one of many tested to serve the returning princess (Fluttershy's role would be to assist her should she chose the road of peace)?

What I am trying say is that main 5 and rest of Fluttershy's clan basically know of Nightmare Moon's return. They may either see her as an enemy or a potential ally, with Fluttershy making the final decision. On one side, main 5 may see Nightmare Moon as invader, on another, there are members like Vinyl, Ditzy's family and some survivars from Fluttershy's parrents clan who would rather side up with the returning princess.

well... this chapter was interesting...
it would be even more interesting if Fluttershy woke up and met Twilight before Nightmare Moon arrives.

Yup now I am excited.
This felt strange after reading the twiny stories, but this is still going to be a fun ride.
Lets see were this leads us.

Spike rubbed his chin before glancing at Twilight’s horn. “Hmmm… Considering that you can levitate forty tons of weight and memorise hundreds of spells, if those other ponies are even half as extreme, we’re up for some fun.”

Why do I think this is tiny Twilight (and in normal size) crossover to here.


Why do I think this is tiny Twilight (and in normal size) crossover to here.

Not really. Twilight levitated Ursa MInor in an episode, and that giant bear must have been extremely heavy. Twiny's levitating power would probably be double of that.

Anyway, I deleted the ammount before "tons" to leave it to readers' imagination.

Can't wait til she awakes and for Nightmare Moon.

Hmm...still an interesting start, I'll give it that. Let's see how this version of Applejack meets Twilight then.

lets make this party epic!

oh... It will be more than Epic.

Well shit just got a whole lot more interesting.

There is only one way this can end: Princess Fluttershy. Twilight gets stuck with a torc.

Wonder how much divergence from the cannon show will there be now?

>>wubs on princess party duty

I believe this is a good time to add some predictions. :ajsmug:

Nightmare Moon’s return results in war between the two thestral sides (a given), and after thirty-or-so chapters of tragedic fighting, Moon Shadow and his allies are on the verge of winning. When nearly all hope is lost, Fluttershy wakes up, allowing the rest of the Mane 6 to panickedly assemble to form the Elements of Harmony. After laserbeams and rainbows, a peace agreement forms between thestrals and other three equine races.

Another prediction I have is that it could go down a similar path to A World Without Kindness, especially the ending.

Spoiler to ending of A World Without Kindness: I know StarCat5 suggested Princess Fluttershy as well, but it’d be rude of me to spoil the ending to an equally fantastic story by mentioning it as a reply.

Of course, these are just my two bits; my little musings at what could happen. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this develops, no matter what happens. :yay:

Hey later on you can do a dimension crossover and confuse the shit out of this twilight.

Don't worry. Next part is comming very soon. Though Nightmare Moon will have her apperance in chapter 2, so you will need to wait a bit for that.

I am more than certain that you will be cught of guard even by Twilight's interaction with Applejack. Something you won't expect. Lol.


And what exacly caught your interest the most. What are you looking for?

There will be a few changes, some less subtle than others. I can already tell that changes I made in this AU for Cadence will confuse some readers, which is why I remind everyone that it is AU. Not everything went the same way as in the show.

Are you saying that Nightmare Moon may not like woobs?

Don't worry. I am sure Octavia will keep Vinyls from going overboard.


Nightmare Moon’s return results in war between the two thestral sides (a given), and after thirty-or-so chapters of tragedic fighting, Moon Shadow and his allies are on the verge of winning.

I cannot say anything to your predictions, but I can tell that this story won't be all that long.

I am not certain it would work.

No, I upload as fast as my editor improve each part. Though I will try to upload chapter 1 ASAP, and it will slow down from chapter 2.

I dont think itd work either outside a quick comedy bonus chapter or something. I just like the idea of confusing the fuck out of twilight in as weird of ways as possible.

HAHAHAHA!!!:rainbowlaugh: What a different way to delay Twilight...I like it! Great chapter!

Sigh, Poor Twilight, she have a plan without knowing all her resources and their plan.

When Spike said that they were doomed, all that poped into my head was GIR and the doom song.

7081676 in Twis defence, she doesnt know Fluttershy yet lives, she doent have access to all the data as yet. This will be a fun train wreck to watch...

Obviously, if she or Celestia have that data, things could be different. It make me think what could happen if things go like cannon.

Nightmare appear, Twilight confront her and then they think she is or crazy or working with a thestral or something like that.

She sure didn't see this comming.


Your comment reminded me of this:

Lol. I didn't think of that.

Considering that in this story, Fluttershy have trust of other main 4 members as well as other clan members, she would beat Twilight in terms of authority. In other words, Twilight would have trouble performing leadership role or would need to surrender such role to Fluttershy,

I doubt Flutteshy would be as eager as Twilight was in the show to defeat Nightmare Moon without trying to find a peaceful solution, especially considering the fact that Nightmare Moon was an ally of all purebloods in the past, meaning that Fluttershy would have dificult seeing her as an enemy.

Well hopefully Twilight finds out about the whole clan eventually. I can see this ending in disaster if she doesn't find out soon.

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