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One Story · 3:31am Nov 28th, 2015

Well scene I cant write really I'm going to put what I have written into a single collection of chapters so I can post it without having to go around the 1000 minimum. Feel free to use em in your own story if you want. I'm not using them.

i hope i don't get in trouble...

Here it is!
Also sorry for the delay, computer barfed and had to get a new one.

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2351685 Hehe, Indeed, milady.

2351679 At one end, yes. On the other, no. My knowledge as to how to write has expended over the last few years and I've seen improvement in my works ever since. That, and I'm just too stubborn to get one.

2351678 Sounds like you need an Editor, milady. (Not me for... reasons.)

2351663 Angering me or upsetting me is near impossible to do actually, hehehe. It's just that I try to avoid mistakes like that, but with only my two eyes to read through it, they are bound to be picked up by other eyes.

2351647 *Bows* Very well milady, I shall not bother you with this agian. Apologies if I angered or upset you.

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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