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Xujints the Water Horse

It's a long story, i'd rather not bother you with it. Oh, who am I kidding, I love telling stories XD


It was just supposed to be a small job. Nothing the music mare couldn't handle. But no, she should have expected Ponyville's resident egghead wouldn't let it be as simple as testing a potion or two. Now Lyra is forced to fight for her life in a world overrun by killer machines. Will she be able to survive the end of EQ21XX? How long will she have to stay away from her precious friends? Maybe only the new L-Buster on her hoof knows for sure...

The Official story of the Game MegaMare-X by StarlightStudios

Cover art by Chickenwhite

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 11 )

Why'd you make Lyra Mega Man, and not one of the Mane Six?

Because Lyra is the most recognizable pony standing up. As for the mane six, it has kind of been done a million times. Looking at you Raindbow Dash XD

Especially how you used the recognition of Lyra standing biped, and explained her ease of balance the way you did.
Taking care to not spoil anything.

Thanks for the comments. It is much appreciated. Its what Lyra does XD

You're welcome.
I must say, it is nice to see the lesser used background characters in starring roles.
This and a story called World of Warcraft: Ties that Bind (to my memory... Just look up Blackdrag-rose and his universe 13 series here on FIMFiction, it'll be the World of Warcraft one with Lyra and Trixie.) are my favorite stories with Lyra in a prominent role.

A shame this never got released. I tried the demo at Bronycon 2013 and have been eagerly awaiting its completion.

Game developpment is a very complicated process. At the very least, we have a story to put forward we can be proud of. Who knows, maybe the public will get to see the game eventually.

I wish you the best of luck. I’ve been a major X fanboy since the SNES days and the demo felt like a truly faithful homage. Even implemented my own homage in the Project H subplot in one of my works.

Please do keep us notified. Would be great to see it completed alongside a Mega Man X: Corrupted.

Are you going to do a story about ZX, as well?

Unfortunately, our only plans were for this one game, this one story. But.... That doesn't mean the door is shut for more stories.

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