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Because Lyra is awesome.

Stories in which (one of) the main focus(es) is Lyra/Bonbon shipping belong in the Lyra/Bonbon shipping folder. This means that stories in which Lyra and Bonbon are a couple, but it's not (one of) the story's main focus(es), do not belong in the Lyra/Bonbon shipping folder.

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hi am looking for a human in mlp story about a man who a biker and was hit by a fireball while racing and ends in the mlp would he later dates Lyra heartstrings who a still way master said human for a herd with rarity Fluttershy octavia luna it's a slice if life story comedy help so if anyone can give me a name that be great

Somepony please help me!! My account was deleted for not logging in for too long. :raritydespair:
I'm looking for a story I just can't seem to find...
It was about Lyra/BonBon and it starts off that she is a hermit/NEET that never leaves her house and she cuts herself (several cuts specifically if I remember right) I also remember something about a lake and there was also a second part/story to it. The story (at least the first story/part) is years old. PLEASE help me. It'd mean a lot.

Lyra is my most fevouritest background character. So I Joined this group. Hurray for Lyra

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :v :heart:

Lyra Heartstrings is easily my favorite background pony! :D

Yeeessh groupie time! :pinkiehappy:

OMG!!! I'm like nervousxcited!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2: Been reading Heartstring Comics and I really like where it was going :rainbowwild:! And it's almost a month since I joined FiMfiction :twilightsmile:! Lyra is just famous for her Anthropology fics, sitting memes, etc! :rainbowlaugh: Now I want to take part of it as well! :rainbowdetermined2:

I actually had an idea of making a fic about Lyra and Bon's past :rainbowderp: . Bon is obvious cuz Slice of Life :derpytongue2: and that's what I'm currently writing (secret agent and all) . But to finish my fic, also need ideas for Lyra :twilightsheepish:I already have something in mind for her, :trixieshiftleft: but that could change as I read fics here :yay:. Any suggestions? Looking for fics related to HiE because that's what I have in mind for her right now:rainbowhuh: Suggestions? :ajsmug: Though I'd be delighted to read other genre fics about her :rainbowkiss:. But top priority if you have what I just asked you in the previous sentence :scootangel::duck:

And yes that was a spoiler if you're interested in reading my fic :raritydespair:, but I doubt my original plan for my fic will be the same.:ajsmug: I am just able to adopt by getting inspired by some scenes and make them a little different from what it used to be :trixieshiftright: or better :raritywink:

Also HYPE TRAIN cuz Lyra and Bon are going to have a book/comic dedicated to them! :pinkiegasp: This March! After I read it, I will probably revise a few things to my fic, then finally publish it!!! :rainbowkiss::coolphoto: So you can expect it during Summer or something! :flutterrage::scootangel:


Srs tho. I think background ponies are the best:heart::heart:

I read a fimfic that had a human transported to equestria, via a time vortex manipulator, provided by dr whooves. celestia lures him to ponyland, where he seeks out lyra specifically. he plays guitar, and together, they entertain equestria. their greatest concert is a goth shindig, with the famous VOLTAIRE. I cant seem to find this tale any longer on fimfiction.

Lyra is best human horse pony background character full stop.

Yay i'm in a group with one of meh favorite background ponys

335775 that's the fic that introduced me to Fimfiction and mlp fanfiction in general. I was looking at fanamations on YouTube when I saw the Anthropology: The Audio Drama. Haven't look at in awhile, but after I listened to the first chapter, I went and found the fanfic and read the whole thing in a day and a half. My mom couldn't pull me away from the computer, and if she did manage to, I'd read on my phone. I loved it so much, the username I had when I first registered onto this was LyRa Is AwSoMe. Which, by the way, she is.

Join my group!

lyra you so awesome!:rainbowkiss:

Seen it? That is The Lyra fic. :raritystarry:
It should be required reading for this group.

Lyra is best pony!
has anyone/pony seen anthropology? :facehoof:


thanks, maybe?

EDIT: just read that. okay, that's what a waifu is. I was half expecting something r34 related.


I still don't know what a "waifu" is.....

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