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At the end of the day all that really matters is that you had fun.

It's dangerous to go alone...

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My Random Space

Lyra is Best Pony. No exceptions.

I friggin' love popcorn

I also friggin' love milkshakes

Unrealistic Goals:
Read all the horse-words (soon...)
Obtain a Sollace plushie

Epic Music

Ara's Picks

Bio Block

This is just a little block about me. I'll probably update it on occassion as I think about things to say.

I like the rain.
I really do. It's quite relaxing to go sit somewhere quiet and just listen. I always used to take an umbrella and go hide somewhere outside when it was raining.

Obligatory Best pony is Lyra
But I can never decide which pony is my favourite so I have to go by category

Best CMC have to be Sweetie and Scoots.
Best mane six are Pinkie, Dashie, and Twi (which depends on mood :T)

Honourable mentions: Berry Punch (drunk pone), Vinyl Scratch and Octy, Roseluck, and Derpy (Muffins) Doo.

If I can make somepony laugh, even just a giggle, then I have done my job.
There's nothing better than the feeling of making someone is happy.

My current avatar is over here!

Source for my profile banner is over here!

'Ave a Picture of me, to boot

That's all I have for now.


Impromptu PSA · 5:20pm Jul 24th, 2016

I think everypony should go re-watch some of season 1 every now and then. Solly's orders.

It's just so much awesome (video sort of, tangentially, not really related).

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yeah, fresh download and all. its not that big of a deal, i only need to set it once or twice and I'm good.

That is weird. Are you sure you're running the right versions of everything? (the fimfic settings page is a hijacked version of the local settings page)

Apparently the "trick" is I have to open a new tab. If I just click on it, it sends me to Local Settings.

got it, I'll report back when i get to my computer

Went anc looked. The page seems to be working fine, so I suggest you try reinstalling the script.

  • Viewing 382 - 386 of 386
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A couple favourites

“It's hell writing and it's hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.”

cleverpun quoting Robert Hass

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