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This club is to show your love for our precious Bon Bon/Sweetie Drop. Any fan of Bon Bon is welcome here... actually everypony is welcomed here, but Bon Bon fans especially.
Here are the Rules! !!

The Story Folders are finally functional! Please put your story in the ONE folder that best follows the genre of your story. For obvious reasons i'm the only pony who can put stories in the My Favorites.

Thank you IJAB for the group banner! If You are interested with her art and commissions and stuff click the LINK!

My Bon Bon sketch from earlier has finally been colored in, and there is a background now!

Please don't be shy when it comes to chatting it up in the comments. I want you guy's to get to know each other.
Thank you, and have fun!

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Be sure to headed on over to my channel to see if anyone can answer my jokes. The rest of the info you can find in my blog. Also share this message to anyone you think could answer my jokes

I love you, Bon Bon!! Please don't ever leave me :heart:

Can I post a fic here?

I love Bon-Bon and Lyra :pinkiesmile:

sorry I was late to respond.... I got no notifications.

This is a pretty damn good idea! you should go for it and write it :pinkiehappy:

I may draw a cover for it.... if I;m not busy :derpytongue2: :rainbowlaugh:

I have an interesting idea for a novel.
Let me know what you think.
It's called "Equestria Divided".

A group of ponies are plotting the overthrow of Princess Celestia. Bon-Bon, even though initially skeptical of the rebellion, eventually becomes the leader of the rebellion.

Lyra, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash also play significant roles in the rebellion. The four of them are the founders originating from "Pinkie saying random things".

Much of the story is a battle of wits between Bon-Bon and Twilight Sparkle (the leader of the loyalists, ponies who choose to defend Celestia's power over Equestria).

So thoughts?
Does this sound interesting to you?

The story will be mostly from the POV of Bon-Bon.

Well if its 60% bon bon or Bon Bon is being shipped for 60% of the fic. its fine

342544 don't have any feature bonbon, yet atleast

Goooooood post your stories!

I arrived by invitation by PonySlayer. I ship Bon Bon with Lyra.

PonySlayer sent me-

I'll ship her with Soarin....

340501 That sound like an easy cop-out to me. Yes I've seen her saddle bags, it probably is the case, but it still sounds too easy.

Well I don't know who she's dating? I like her with Lyra :rainbowkiss:

340467 Who's Bon-Bon's boyfriend? Could it be some dude from another town? Does she always have a bad attitude because she doesn't 'get it' often enough?

I said talk! :flutterrage: You talk now!

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