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"You think you know me..."


This story is a sequel to Negotiations


It's a tale as old as time itself.

A wonderful individual of many faces, a handful of adventurous companions, and a seemingly inconspicuous blue police box.

This time, the Doctor finds himself in a dimension not his own, in familiar lands more alien than the planet he appeared on. Dropped smack dab in the middle of the Conversion War, it's up to him and his new friends to put a end to Celestia's mad ambitions before they can be realized. But the Doctor is no stranger to conflict, and Equestria will learn exactly why he is known as the Oncoming Storm...


*An Alternate Universe story and crossover with Doctor Who for the Negotations-Verse series. Originally posted in Choice, it was decided to make it its own story after suggestions from readers as well as discussions between me and zelkova48.

Please help out at the Negotations-Verse TV Tropes Page: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TheNegotiationsVerse

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Ooh, I like this!

Hope to see this catch up and continue the story soon!

Im in to put an end to the war✊

Just one chapter? I assume there's more after all those eight parts.

Yup. I'll be writing the other parts as time goes on. I'm just updating this slowly week by week so new people can catch up to it.

I hope there's new chapters coming out with this change.

I find it ironic that the story itself regenerated

Did you rewrite the stories? Or are they the same?

Huh, I thought you would've posted the eight chapters here and gone from there. But this is cool. Another instant fav and track.

There was nothing left of Equus now but a burned and frozen planet with no life.

Well, ackchyually, a tidally-locked planet would have a comfortable zone right in between the bright and the dark side. Yes. The Twilight Zone.

(I really am not trying to be that guy, I enjoy your stories and have read most of the Negotiations-verse... but I had to let that out. I'm probably the 7, 368, 934th person to mention that, right?)

"Fascinating." Never before since Equus herself had The Doctor seen such a beautiful sight of blue and green. So perfectly mixed together with just the proper formation of continents and landmasses that were evenly split apart for both travel and distance. Waves of oceans as pure blue as sapphires and bright city lights in the distance showed that this was, indeed, an advanced civilization. "Question is, are they hostile or peaceful?"



Not really the heat differences would cause massive winds it would be possible to survive but there would have been no warning except the sun stopping moving

by the time people realised what had happened, that it couldnt be fixed and what needed to be done. There would have been no time to gather supplies and travel to the safe zone.

"This is John Smith of B.B.C. news with the latest on the war against Equestria. As viewers know, we recently have entered the second anniversary of the announcement of Princess Celestia's declaration of war for our failures to accept the Magic of Friendship. In reality, our governments discovered her plot to turn humanity into ponies, known as newfoals. This was following the tragic attack on Madrid in Spain, where over sixty thousand people were ponified using the conversion potions, with ten thousand deaths from the attack itself. Reports of an upcoming attack on London proved incorrect as an Equestrian attack force did indeed land on British soil but teleported instead in...Windsor Castle. There are reports of mostly converted humans turned into ponies, but there are casualties...among which... I'm sorry...this is...there are no other words for me to put this. The royal prince and princess, ages two and four, are alive but are now...newfoals. And the rest of the royal family...is gone. Their bodies were respectively given quick deaths...and covered with the flag of our beloved land...All of England and the world is in mourning for these losses...truly...God help us all..."

oh god....

They are also after royalty and children

"Because I'm going to stop them and save the billions of lives on this planet, both human and Equestrian. Before their madness destroys everything good about both races that will last for generations," The Doctor said firmly with such power behind those words that Lyra couldn't help but tremble in fear. "So you have to trust me if you want to save everyone. Because that's what I am offering. A way to stop this."

We will take down the princesses and end the war.

It’s back, what dragged me into MLP has come back.

It wouldn't be immediate. Yes, eventually there would be disasters as a result of the change, but residual heat and inertia (in case Equestria/Equus rotates) would keep things going for a little while. Case in point: The extended nights seen in the pilot episode and the possible future in Cutie Re-Mark where Nightmare Moon won .

For anyone who already read the story on Choice, I'm pretty sure there's an Internet Archive link for the original chapters that you can read until all the chapters come out here.

its been more then two years since equestria moved dimentions there wont be many left and time has been altered so much that the people that the doctor so loved have been erased from time.

Its the loss of the future that hurts the most for the doctor

I hear you. That makes a difference.

Comment posted by bevis0405 deleted January 12th

Is that the last time we see Discord?

I'm rather hoping for Celestia to he mind-controlled, you know? Manipulated, somehow.

Don't want this to be on her.

When Discord is absolutely terrified, you run far, far, FAR AWAY, or alternatively just end it… Before things go even worse than worse…:pinkiecrazy:

And just like that Discord vanished. Celestia just stood there in a stunned state of silence for nearly twenty minutes before calling on her guards.

She needed to gather the element, the war council, and her fellow princesses and fast.

Time was not on her side.


Celestia, for your own damn sake, and possibly most of the ponies sake. You listen to Discord to heart, f****** surrender immediately, get rid of that stupid shield, reverse the changed humans back to normal, AND stand on trial for crimes against humanity. And hope you have a "very good" apology by now.

Otherwise, you're obviously gonna frickin regret it, and wished that you should have listen to Discord. Because the Doctor is a borderline badass powerhouse that you shouldn't f*** over!


He is powerful like a god?

Loving all the classic series references in the story, and having 13 been a hippogriff is pretty spot on. :)


He's what gods fear.


Noticed the Gen 5 tag, don't recall any references to it in the original.

In the original The Doctor was friends with them. I believe it was the first chapter.

Though I have read this once before, it is still a wonderful read. Thank you for taking the time to make this amazing story. :twilightsmile:

The Doctor was traveling with the G5 crew as his companions before he went to check something out in the G4 timeline when he got caught up in the transportation to the alternate universe which lead to his regeneration

Celestia, you goddamn Delusional Idiot!

You will LOSE against the Doctor, and you will regret it big time.

As for Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, and even Bon Bon. You are all STUPID too.

And I'm just disappointed with Spike, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity.

At least Fluttershy has common sense, and balls of steel to do what she is doing with Discord. She, Discord, Lyra, and especially the Doctor are the real heroes!

Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted January 22nd


Regardless, most of the population, including her own sister, Twilight, Cadence, and their friends, accepted this, but ponies still doubted it. And doubt was enough to unravel things, so she quickly began making harsher rules in censorship and quickly centralized all news media to the crown. She had no idea who was behind figuring out the truth and leaking it to the world, but Celestia was willing to be The Doctor, or Discord was behind it.


Everyone is soo stupid!!

Twilight believed too much in her mentor to think she had done something terrible. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were full-on believers of the war, and they accused him of being a traitor quickly. Rarity didn't like the war, despite her husband fighting in it, but she didn't trust Discord and probably never had. Pinkie Pie refused to leave because she didn't want to leave behind her friends and family but secretly wished him good luck. He tried his hardest with Spike, who admitted he hated the war and everything going on but wouldn't abandon Twilight.

They are a lost cause

He pointed at her and glared. "I respected you greatly for beating me. You were smart and clever to outwit me, and I saw you as a worthy adversary and later a friend. I practically thought of you as one of my closest friends after you saved me from Tirek despite all I had done. But what I admired most was that you were so faithful to the ideals you preached throughout all the time I got to know you about friendship. Well, I guess the truth is you're nothing but a hypocrite along with the rest of your friends except for Fluttershy. What makes you different from the rest of the ponies of Ponyville, who feared and hated Zecora when she came to town? What makes you different from Starlight Glimmer, who forced ponies to give up their cutie mark for equality and greater good? How are you different from Queen Chrysalis taking over Equestria against their will?"

what happened to the Twilight we knew in love!!?
The Twilight who showed friebdship! Who tried defending Zecora for being different, Who stopped Tirek by sacrificing her magic for her friends, who gave Discord a chance when nopony else will.
WHO BELIEVED that everypony and non-ponies deserve to be treated with Kindness, Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity and Laughter!
The one who believed in the magic of friendship!?

Reading this gives me a sense of deja vu all over again.

The Princesses are foals to get on the bad side of the Doctor.

Blind devotion to Celestia. In her eyes, her mentor Celestia is always right. If Celestia believes that humans cannot be saved and must either be converted or killed to save them from themselves, then who is she to question the wise and benevolent ruler who helped her become the pony she is today?


Ahh, I had already read this a while ago in Choices so I didn't reread it or remember. Thanks.

The Doctor meets the UNForces. Since they fight an interuniversal threat, maybe, the UN should create a United Nations Interuniversal Taskforce (U. N. I. T.). Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, about to be promoted to Brigadier General, is perfect to lead it.

But it obviously goes against everything she's been taught of friendship.

That does pretty much sum up the G4 pponies. Very stupid, very naive, and very bigoted. Why seeing them get slapped down and beaten until the blinders finally come off is so cathartic.

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