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The Doctor goes beyond Equestria in this third installment of the Doctor Whooves Series.

When a chance encounter with the Doctor in the middle of Ponyville causes Zecora to run away in blind terror, he is understandably perplexed, as the two had never met before. Shortly after, the cryptic zebra turns up suffering from a mysterious ailment that is somehow related to her homeland of Zebrica, and the Doctor, Twilight, and (much to their surprise) Fluttershy must travel to the distant savannah in the TARDIS to discover the cause of her distress. But what begins as a search for a cure will lead to a darker place than one might believe possible, as a mystery spanning the whole of time and space deepens and hungry gods from far-off memories demand the Time Lord’s blood.


"Along Came a Spider" is the third Doctor Whooves Episode and the fourth of the expanded "Number 12" continuity begun by the inspirational Squeak-anon.

It is strongly recommended to read the following fics here on FIMFiction before proceeding with "Along Came a Spider."

1 - Number 12 by Squeak-anon
2 - Traveler by Squeak-anon
3 - The Pinkie Conundrum
4 - Game of Stones

Comments and critiques are very much desired and let this crazed writer know that the herd does indeed care.

Elements of Number 12 & Traveler: Squeak-anon
Doctor Whooves Intro posted on YouTube by: Cshep99
Cover art provided by FoxInShadow from deviantart.com
Proofreader, Editor and Number One Assistant: 2dextreem

*Rated T for scary moments and some Doctor Who level violence.*

Chapters (11)
Comments ( 551 )

Haven't read it yet by this post, already faved lol

Edit: Nice. Really enjoyed the chapter. Heh, God-slayer...sounds like the Doctor to me :)

It's here already? YES YES YES! MORE!

Woooh!!! Was not expecting this out so soon:pinkiehappy:
Let the awesome begin

More need more, this was so good:fluttershysad:

Sweet mercy yessssss
The next chapter: It begins! :D

and so on.
WOOO! Its here! Its heeeere!!!!
EDIT: Post reading:
Very good! Theres certainly a phrase to describe the doc. "God-slayer". He did slay a "God" once, depends if you count a giant demon living in the orbit of a black hole, as a "God"

God-Slayer? Zecora so scared that she screams in her own language? Seems legit :applejackunsure:

Wow, the new story is up already? Awesome! Here, have some INTERNETZ!:pinkiehappy:

To be fair to Zecora, that is a totally legitimate reaction to meeting The Doctor, though it's usually reserved for his enemies.

Oh my god I didn't think it was possible for people to make things faster than I could read them! Don't slow down, I love a good race!:pinkiehappy:

Anyone else notice that Twilight has a barcode looking thing on her leg? Or is it just me?

You've been watching the 4th Doctor lately haven't you?

What gave it away? :derpytongue2:
Heh, Yes I have been watching alot of Classic Who lately to fill the void and better familiarize myself with the history of our Good Doctor while I await Series Seven.


Some bits here and there in the Doctor's personality is very 4.

That and the almost ripped word for word "I am a Time Lord" bit

418984 HA! :rainbowlaugh: And My editor thought that was too obscure a reference for anypony to catch. :trollestia: *gives internetz I got from Jake the Army Guy to Dangerous Doc*

Hmmm, what do I think about this...?

Well iI just got feedback from future me and he said that this episode is going to be AMAZING!!! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

Really look forward to this, and the prologue, great as ever!


I am unreasonably pumped for this. ALLONS-Y!

It's here......

YES. :pinkiehappy:
Let the adventure begin!

Though I have to wonder, how are the CMCs going to fit here? Hmm... It'd be odd to give them a scene and then be irrelevant...

Anyway, I eagerly await the next chapter.

Instant fave for me. Looking forward to reading this. :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait for the future updates!

YES.... And so it begins again.... (':rainbowlaugh:');

418995 Your writing ability, it amazes me. To know that you created the earlier series without having read a Doctor book. Now I must ask, how many proof-readers do you have, and would you care for another? [I'm currently out of writers writing a story, which means I'm out of stories to proof-read, which means I have no chance to help or learn.{Aaaand maaaaybee I'm just in love with your story so much I can't wait:twilightblush:. Never a TARDIS when ya need one}]

Here, have another interwebz.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry, my friend, I currently hold that position, but it's up to the author if she wants to bring more people in to the fold.

I think you need more internets.
Here take all of mine.
I won't need them.:derpytongue2:

Ten bits says that the Doctor traveled back in time and became a legendary figure in Zebrica.

420998 Well then I must congratulate you too. There have been only a small amount of errors that I have seen, and they were rather small mistakes, me instead of he, or he instead of she, or a missing word. In total between all the stories, I've only seen about 5 errors, which is a really good amount. [Even published books contain a minimum of at least 3 once they get to a length like these]

Well certainly, don't hesitate to point things out to me or L2L. We work with GoogleDocs before posting up online, and it's not the most friendly of formats to work with.

422479 Ah... Google docs, the one tool that I wish worked better than it does. Very well, if I do happen to notice anything I shall inform you or L2L, but I have a feeling that this won't happen often, and my offer stands, as all my offers do, until eternity.

>> Loyal2Luna
fourth doctor for the win!
P.S. Tennant is still best

Pony Doctor is best pony/time lord/awesome person/Doctor

So that's 4 in this universe he's met out of order. Well, at least to put this part right is only a short trip back, not thousands of years.

418936 Ha! I'm doing the same thing! On Genesis of the Daleks right now :)

mdoobies can wait. the new doctor who is being written!:moustache:

Damn Fluttershy...you crazy:fluttershysad:

Anyways, can't wait to read more. :rainbowkiss:
Great job so far.


Something tells me to expect trouble:pinkiehappy:

Hee hee hee. No one can resist the flutter charm:fluttercry:

Your doing a fantastic job Luna...But I think the Yellow is a bit hard on the eyes.
Maybe you should try replacing it with this [color=#FFCC11 ] #FFCC11
its a much darker thus easier to read on white

Way ahead of you, substituted for pink for her hair.

Just have to avoid Pinkie and Fluttershy singing in the same song.

There has never been a more perfect time to scream ALLONS-Y!

Damn do I LOVE your series! And go Fluttershy sad face! :fluttershysad:

well, it's already established that unlike his home universe, Equestria's timelines are not 'worn' by lots of time travelers, so the Reapers (the Dr. Who monsters, not the Mass Effect Bad Guys) are far more perceptive of violations of the time stream (See Traveler). Paradoxes mostly happen when somepony breaks what the Doctor has dubbed 'Rule Number 2' in this incarnation and messes with their personal time-lines, like Rose Tyler did in the episode 'Father's Day'. As I understand the 'multiple Doctor' episodes, each one indicated that those events were incredibly dangerous and only happened due to even greater threats forcing them to happen rather than the Doctor(s) wanting it to occur.
In the episodes you mention, Blink: Sally Sparrow didn't give the 10th Doctor many details, so no paradox was created, he just followed the instructions based on the transcript and everything 'clicked'. Sally did all the work. The same method in 'The Lodger' (11th Doctor) when Amy was instructed to leave a short, vague note for the Doctor pointing out a wanted ad for a room mate. (If she had put in detail what WAS going to happen, it might have caused a paradox)
In the Big Bang 2, causing paradoxes wasn't really a big deal because the universe was already literally falling apart. to quote Rory in 'The Impossible Astronaut' when Amy comments how the Doctor's interfered in his own timeline before: " And to be fair, the universe DID blow up."
ohhhh wow... I feel like such a nerd :twistnerd: This is what I get for research :rainbowlaugh:
Ummm, sorry, I went off tangent didn't I... :derpytongue2: But thank you.

I know that this series is working off of Squeakanon's Doctor Whooves series, so is this in canon with his current work?

“Right… QUICK trip… Nothing to worry about! Won’t be any problem at all!”

You would think the Doctor would know not to say this sort of thing by now. Sexy dislikes boring days as much as the Doctor does.

No, this is a branching continuity... but not the 'official' continuation of Squeak-Anon's Dr. Whooves series.
Squeak gave his blessing for this series, but I made it clear when I proposed it that my stories branch off from his after traveler on a completely separate path from 'his' Doctor. So while I have permission to use Traveler and Number 12 events as references, my stories will not in any way interact with future stories by Squeak-Anon nor shall any future installments of his continuity take events in mine into account.

*brushes off Luna's Old internetz*

Well Done. I think you earned this back.

Nine hundred years old and the eyes still get him.

Sweet. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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