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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky


Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains scenes that may be too intense for audiences. Honestly, this is more of a thought experiment than anything, especially given the idea of a what if.

Zecora had created a monster.

What was originally meant to be a birthday present for Applebloom as a game that has influences of her home country has the potential to cause chaos and devistation. In the process of creating a cardless game with a gem that would read out random events, something had gone wrong. So in an attempt to dismantle the game, she turned to Twilight in hopes to use magical means to take it apart safely.

Unfortunately, Smolder and Gallus had discovered the game. And out of boredom, decided they should play it with their friends.

After all, it's just a game... right?

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Which jumanj movie is this story based around? The original with Robin Williams, welcome to the jungle, or the next level? If the original I'm curious to see how it will go.

It's more towards the original.

Sweet I loved that movie now I'm excited.

Huh! So it seems Smolder is the act-first-questions-later creature here, while Gallus is more the voice of reason! Neat!

Wise choice! The reboots, as fun as they are, honestly seemed to miss the point of what the game is about. If you really think about it, the game Jumanji is actually horrifying, and possibly a bit Lovecraftian, constantly drawing people in to play and fall victim to it's influence. There's a youtuber named Deusdaecon Reviews who does a full-blown analysis of the film, and goes into a lot more depth about how the game works, and it's a really great watch for anyone who loves the original film.

Get out! I was just about to search for a Jumanji story on this site and the first thing I see when I come here is one in the new stores segment! Kinda spooks me a little.

What can I say? I've been on a nostalgia kick recently.

It's still a weird coincidence. Almost as if Jumanji itself knew that I was looking for a story like this. If the things happening in the story start happening to me, I'm blaming you.

Obe question. Will you be using the cards from the movies or creating your own ones?

It'll be a mixed bag. Some would be from the original movie, others from the game itself, and a few that I've invented would be sprinkled throughout.

“An intended gift I had made, but now I fear is something more grave.” Zecora put a hoof over the lid. “I had attempted to make it interesting through magic, but the dark vibe it gives just makes me sick. Surely, you can feel it as well – how vicious is this spell.”

Zecora if you knew about this dark vibe you should have gotten rid of it but we all know what happened in the movie

“But can’t I convince you to take it with us Twilight.” Zecora nervously eyed the drawer. “I’m not comfortable with not having it being locked tight.”

She has a point Twilight because you do realize kids can be very curious when it comes to things like that

Smolder turned to face him and said flatly, “Dude, it’s a board game. If I thought this thing was a spellbook or maybe a magical do-hickey, I wouldn’t even touch it. But this is a board game, I highly doubt anything remotely dangerous would come about just by playing on it.”

Yeah smolder about that....

Okay this is a very interesting start of a soy and this is like the very first Jumanji movie which I got no problem with the other ones they're pretty great but the first one will always be my childhood movie Zecora made a game thinking that it was supposed to be a fun one but instead it was a curse so she asked Twilight if we can reverse this or at least get rid of it somehow so they check out the library to see if there's anything meanwhile smolder and gallus what just hanging out at the yard but then they heard the drums so they check it out and they found the board game they're not supposed to find so they decided to play this game with the other two Ocellus and silverstream at first they didn't wanted to play but they wanted to see how it goes so they did and unfortunately this is when the game begins and as they say Welcome to the Jungle not really but you know what I mean but I wonder what they're going to do guess we'll find out next time

It would take inspiration from the original 1995 film and even the game board itself.

Agreed! To be perfectly fair, the reboots are still good movies in their own rights, but they just don't capture the same mood or spirit as the original did, and that was what had made the original so very memorable to begin with. :twilightsmile:

Hmm...I wonder if, when, and how will Fluttershy get involved.

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