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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky



It was 1825, and it's been a year since Ludwig van Beethoven had premiered his Ninth Symphony. One evening as he did his daily walks in the Austrian countryside, a surprise storm forced the composer back into his cheap, rented room. Where a mysterious shadow whisked him away to Equestria, taking everything, including his music along with him.

Holding Ludwig captive against his will, the shadow tells him that if he ever hopes to see all he knows and loves in Vienna, he would have to give him something in exchange. Something priceless that only he could give. The shadow demands that he'll give Beethoven one year to compose his Tenth Symphony, or give up all hope that he will ever return home.

Please keep in mind, this story is partly edited. Only between chapters, 54 to 61 is edited by Circut Breaker.

Music for this fic are, in chronological order:
- Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata) 3rd Movement.
- Bagatelle in F minor.
- Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13 "Pathetique" 2nd Movement.
- Für Elise.
- Rondò alla ungherese, quasi un capriccio Op. 129 "Rage Over a Lost Penny".
- "Music to My Ears" by DJ PON-3.
- Concert Etude #4 for solo cello by Bukinik.
- Cello Sonata in A Op.69: Allegro, ma non tanto, 1st Movement.
- "The Old Grey Mare" Variations in the style of Beethoven. Improvised by Richard Grayson.
- Salve Regina (Cello solo, arranged from the Gregorian Chant by Tomoyan).
- Symphony No. 1, 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 1, 4th Movement.
- Symphony No. 2, 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 2, 2nd Movement.
- Symphony No. 2, 4th Movement.
- Piano Sonata No. 17 "Tempest," 3rd Movement.
- Symphony No. 3, 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 3, 2nd Movement.
- Symphony No. 3, 3rd Movement.
- Symphony No. 3, 4th Movement.
- Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata) 1st Movement.
- String Quartet op. 135 (Lento assai, cantante e tranquillo).
- Nocturne No. 20 in C# minor by Chopin.
- Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major, Op. 58.
- Symphony No. 4, 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 4, 2nd Movement.
- Symphony No. 4, 4th Movement.
- String Quartet No. 13 in B-Flat Major, Op. 130: II. Presto
- Beethoven - Rondo a Capriccio REMIX by TPRMX
- String Quartet No. 14 in C# minor, Op131. Allegro (7th Movement)
- Piano Sonata No. 29 "Hammerklavier," Op. 106: 5th Movement
- The Spectacle (Razzle Dazzle) from season 5, episode 24.
- Symphony No. 5 in C minor.
- Piano Sonata No. 1, Ops 2. 2nd Movement (Adagio)
- String Quartet no. 15 op. 132. 3rd Movement: Molto Adagio.
- Nocturne in Eb Major. Op. 9 No. 2 by Chopin
- String Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 130. 5th Movement: Cavatina
- "The Swan," for violin and piano by Saint-Saens.
- Symphony No. 6, 1st Movement
- Symphony No. 6, 2nd Movement.
- Symphony No. 6, 3/4/5 Movements.
- Turkish March, from "The Ruins of Athens," arranged for solo piano.
- Violin Sonata No. 9 (Kreutzer), 1st Movement.
- "Mark Yonder Pomp of Costly Fashion," arranged by Beethoven.
- Violin Concerto In A Minor, 1st Movement by Vivaldi.
- Native American Music & Chants by Phil Thornton.
- "Oyate Miye" (War Song) by The Native Tribes United.
- "Lakota Lullaby" by Robert "Tree" Cody.
- Auld Lang Syne by Beethoven.
- Cello Sonata in D Major No. 5, Adagio.
- Piano Trio No. 3 in C minor Op. 1 No. 3: IV. Finale (Prestissimo).
- Violin Romance No 1, Op. 40.
- Egmont Overture.
- Symphony No. 7: 1st Movement
- Symphony No. 7: 2nd Movement.
- String Quartet: Große Fuge, op. 133
- Missa Solemnis: Kyrie (excerpt).
- Missa Solemnis: Gloria in excelsis Deo
- Missa Solemnis: Gloria; In gloria Dei Patris
- Missa Solemnis: Credo; Et incarnatus est
- Missa Solemnis: Credo; et vitam venturi sæculi
- Missa Solemnis: Sanctus; Benedictus
- Piano Concerto No.6 in B flat, K.238. 2nd Movement: Andante un poco adagio by Mozart.
- Choral Fantasy for Piano, Orchestra and Choir.
- Coriolan Overture
- Symphony No. 8: 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 8: 2nd Movement.
- Symphony No. 8: 4th Movement.
- In fourore iustissimae irae, RV 626. By Vivaldi.
- Symphony No. 9: 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 9: 2nd Movement.
- Symphony No. 9: 3rd Movement.
- Symphony No. 9: 4th Movement (Ode to Joy).
- Piano Concerto No. 1, 2nd Movement: Largo, Romance by Chopin.
- Piano Concerto No. 5, "The Emperor"
- Bagatelle No. 3. Op. 126.
- Reconstructed Largo from Oboe Concerto in F Major (Hess 12)
- Symphony No. 10, Unfinished (Reconstructed by Barry Cooper)
- Beethoven's Last Thoughts (reconstruction from the sketches of Ludwig van Beethoven)

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Tracked for absurd originality!
Thumbs up for conceptual audacity!
If you own Audacity, i'll favorite it?!

Well , i read this chapter looking interesting

THis is Quite Excellent. Please keep working on it.

Well this is a Definately a very promising start and very well put together so far, and quite original idea too. I hope you can get back to it soon. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

7377248 Like I've said, I'm putting this thin on hiatus because I'm currently writing two stories at once. If I can just finish one of them, I could focus my full attention on this piece. Although, that doesn't mean that I won't work on a chapter or two once in a while. :raritywink:

7377266 yep just had to say it. This really got my appetite going for more. But yeah I totally understand how that works writing.

Yes! My favorite music composer is going to Equestria! Although, I must say, I didn't expect him to talk so much. Either way, an 'upvote' is in order.

The one thing that i don't aprove is that you said he was in a CHEAP rented room, Beethoven definetely wasn't poor, he was wealthy an very influencial, extremely famous, recognised by all in Europe as the best composer, even before his 9ht symphony or 5ht, so saying he was ever in a cheap room is completely inaccurate.

Upon reading the title and the summary, I was immediately confused. Upon rereading the title I realized that it was not "Beethoven's Teeth" is was "Beethoven's Tenth"

I love reading these storys. I'm going to be following this.

One of mankinds greatest composers in Equestria? This will be interesting.



Audacity is under the GPL (aside from the separate LAME and Mpeg libraries). Nobody "owns" it.

7377924 To be honest with you, base off of what I know (and somewhat remember) about Herr Beethoven, he was indeed a genius when it came to music, but not necessarily with making financial sense some of the time. You have to remember, trying to make money in which you can write what you want, whenever you want was a really risky move in the late 18th and early 19th century.

I suppose this would have been the point where I would get a little bit upset and argue with you. However, instead of doing any of that, you sir/madame have actually given me an idea in developing Ludwig's character in this story. Given the fact that he suffers from depression and had thought of committing suicide at one point. You've actually have interested me to see if I can dig deeper about the composer's life to see what kind of a character he was.

7380825 Well, have you seen the BBC documentary that was made of beethoven? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx_4UY83C1I , is very well made, hope it helps you, unless you already seen it, in that case, good luck, beethoven is my second favorite composer.

7380952 I do remember seeing it, but I confess that it's been a while since I have seen the series.

And out of curiosity, when you say that Beethoven is your second favorite, who's the first?


If anyone wasn't shown Beethoven Lives Upstairs in elementary school music class, they officially went to a lousy school.
Bonus points for Bach's Fight for Freedom.

Extra, extra points for Amadeus (but only if the teacher goes over the historical embellishments and outright myths).
Extra, extra, extra points for the Director's Cut (covering the screen during the nude parts is okay).

A pox on modern school boards for slashing music education in favor of football pads and other bread-and-circus nonsense. Music is life.

Bah, i doubt Rainbow's writing was legible...
Then again, it could hardly beat Beethoven's messy short hand. There's reason why music theorists talked about "salvaging" his notes when attempting to piece together a tenth symphony.

Twilight will grow very quickly frustrated with dealing with a genuinely handicapped person. :facehoof: She is going to try something clever to fix the communication barrier. It is inevitable. :applejackunsure:

7387268 Just wait until we get to the 3rd and 5th symphonies.

Yes! Moonlight Sonata! And my favorite one! Though, I must say, it sounded slightly... Strange. It fit how he was mad, since I usually hear this one played smoothly instead of violently and... Hm, how would one describe that? Sharp? Nah, that's an actual term... Either way, it was great for the mood.


Glenn Gould would make the pony's heads explode. And spawn plenty of douchebag comments from /mlp/ about autism, but that's neither here nor there.



I remember hearing Doug Walker's mother is a trained Opera Singer, and he's shown himself to be okay himself.

If there's autotuning there (there probably is), they do a good job of being discrete.
Also, I'll leave this here.

Quite a shame that this is on hiatus, it was rather entertaining.

7382937 Out of all the Beethoven Documentaries and a handful of films that I've seen, I think this in particular is probably the most detailed of them all since they have within the letters, journal, and conversations of Ludwig.

Comment posted by Joy Stick deleted Jul 20th, 2016

“English? You understand English?”

*grumble grumble*

Sorry to hear about the hospital trip and the meds. :applecry: That said, I'm all too familiar with that lovely major painkiller song and dance, and I have to say this is in much better shape than I was expecting from the author's note at the start. :raritywink::rainbowdetermined2:

It's a nice chapter. Things are readable, but yeah the painkillers definitely show. There are a lot of wrong tenses, and wrong words in a few places. Nothing a quick proofing pass when you are feeling better won't fix really fast though. :pinkiehappy:

I'm liking the way the story seems to be going, and I can't help wonder what Beethoven would think if/when he gets the chance to feel some of Vinyl's tunes.

7409859 Actully, the whole story is unedited. So if anyone out there wants to voluenteer, please PM me so we can discuss this further.

Let me guess: The mysterious shadow is King Sombra.

Well, to have been writing this while on meds, you have a very good skill.

7410374 I had to do something, I never liked the idea of doing nothing while confined to the house for about a week. Otherwise I might go stir-crazy.

Pinkie throwing a party for Beethoven is going to be an epic fail for sure.



Unless persons from Porlock are nearby.

I hope he meets Octavia and the canterlot symphony and maybe have Fredrick the piano guy be a prick just cause I'd find it funny if he got showed up since we already know Beethoven doesn't like his skill being mocked

Some grammar mistakes, but nice transition chapter, it felt nice to read.

Nice to see everyone chipping in. I can see Twilight is probably going to have a field day with those manuscripts, esp comparing the ones writing by composers with equestrian counterparts. :pinkiehappy:

Edit: every chapter in this story makes me want to pull out more of my Beethoven collection.

7428476 No need, I'll bring mine to the table.

7428493 yeah I need to find/pull up some of his cello sonatas, see if there are any parts in them I can take a crack at playing some.

7428591 Oh don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Octavia.

7428603 oh I never thought you did. :raritywink: Though I have noticed now that every time I think of Beethoven, Vynil, and Tavi in a room together the following song pops into my head:

No potential mention that he might be acting like a jerk? at least for comedy? Ok.

Sill, glad to see it being updated and the pacing feels nice. Keep it up.

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