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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky


Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains scenes that may be too intense for audiences. Honestly, this is more of a thought experiment than anything, especially given the idea of a what if.

Zecora had created a monster.

What was originally meant to be a birthday present for Applebloom as a game that has influences of her home country has the potential to cause chaos and devistation. In the process of creating a cardless game with a gem that would read out random events, something had gone wrong. So in an attempt to dismantle the game, she turned to Twilight in hopes to use magical means to take it apart safely.

Unfortunately, Smolder and Gallus had discovered the game. And out of boredom, decided they should play it with their friends.

After all, it's just a game... right?

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Shortly after the premiere of his sixth symphony, Pyotr Tchaicoltsky, composer of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker is dying. Far away from his home country and stuck in Manehattan, he expects that he will spend his final days alone. That is until he gets an unexpected visitor - a griffon by the name of Gregory has come to the dying composer for an unusual request... to ask him out on a date. Seeing that he has nothing left to loose, he agrees to do it the day before he dies. What the old composer doesn't know is that this final date has a few surprises.

A huge thank you to Lilrq28 for proofreading this story.

This story is written as an entry for the M/M Shipping Contest!

Update: This story has been awarded The Medallion of Melancholy from the M/M Shipping Contest!

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With Nightmare Night just around the corner, a group of friends decided to have their guys' night telling each other ghost stories in the White Tail Woods by a campfire. After some good fun of telling urban legends and creepy stories, the last pony, Inkwell, decides to finish the night by telling them about his experience in a town called Rathdrum. He recounts the time when a cult had lurked in the pine forests - and how one night, he had an encounter with them.

Based on an Idaho urban legend of the Rathdrum Witches.

A special thanks to a friend who had proofread and gave me the much-needed feedback to improve the ending who shall be remained anonymous.

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Story inspired and proofread by Lilrq28

After years of keeping up appearances, of gaining the infamous reputation of being a catastrophe when it came to dating mares, Prince Blueblood decides to do something radical. He faces up to a press conference and finally tells the truth - he is gay. In a way, he hoped that doing so would stop having gold-digging mares that would flock to gain his attention. Perhaps even gaining some peace by coming out.

However, while some seek to use Blueblood to gain wealth and status, the prince's coming out provides a unique opportunity. One that a flattering con artist would try to take advantage of. Langue d'Argent, a good-looking charmer believes that he can play the prince's sexuality like a violin. Yet, as time goes on, this simple con might prove difficult than what Langue imagined it to be.

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Warning: The following one-shot contains themes of M/M, a daughter's confrontation, and a father that's trying to explain himself. If you don't like one of these, you know where the exit button is.

Trixie was upset. Her father, Jack Pot is going to marry his stage partner, Big Bucks. In all those visits that Trixie had made since she had moved out, she had never once heard anything about this. Not just that her dad was dating, but was going to marry a stallion. However, on top of all of that, she found out through a newspaper that he was getting married soon. So Trixie took it upon herself to go to Las Pegasus to get some answers.

This story was proofread by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Warning: The following story you are about to read contains mentions of violence, death, the afterlife, F/M, M/M, sex (don't panic, all the characters that do so will be 18, consensual and mentioned breifly), talk of sex, suicide, and figuring what to do with eternity. If you are uncomfortable with one or many of these things, you know where the exit button is. 

Neither Gallus nor Sandbar expected to die so early, but at least it was dying while saving the world. With their lives over, all that they expected was a simple slip into darkness for eternity. Never did they imagine that what awaited them was paradise for their deeds and actions.

Of course, one doesn’t just accept or come to terms with their sudden death. Especially at such a young age. There are regrets, questions, and discoveries about oneself that come with the prospect of being welcomed into Heaven. Some of these experiences can be welcoming and others can be sorrowful moments in an otherwise bright and happy world.

Yet, perhaps the biggest experience is one that will see the two bond past the flames of friendship and into the waters of love. After all, everything is possible in the afterlife. 

Co-Written by: Rated Ponystar
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian and Babroniedad
Cover Art by: LupiArts

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Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains mentions of suicide, death, molestation, and questionable sightings of paranormal activity. Some of the material may not be suitable for all readers.

A freelance horror writer by the penname of Orian Inkguard returns to his hometown of Seaward Shoals in hopes to find inspiration for his next story. However, when he gets to his decaying home, something of his past has come back to show a side of foalhood that he had overlooked.

A special thanks to a fellow writer and friend that assisted me with giving this story direction who wishes to be anonymous.

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Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains mock trials of various things about MLP and Equestria in general. Readers shouldn't take anything about the following cases too seriously.

Based on Lewis Black's Root of All Evil.

Underneath the school, there is an underground comedy club where students get to hear the student six host a series of mock trials of all the things, places, and characters that annoy or frustrate them. With Spike as the judge and jury, what would he decide to be - The Root of All Evil?

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This story is a sequel to One on One Philosophy with Discord

Warning: The following you're about to read contains philosophy in plain English and is currently unedited. If you do not like one or both of these, you know where the exit button is.

Years after Starlight Glimmer becomes the new Headmare of the School of Friendship and Twilight ruling over Equestria, Discord is still teaching useful philosophy classes. Although he is known for his unusual teaching methods, there have been rumors that he may have to take a liking to Professor Fluttershy. However, that rumor was never confirmed in any way.

That was, until one Summer when Discord put up the offer for a surprising class in the felid of Philosophy. The subject was about love. Even with Discord promoting the class, one question is raised: why?

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1 - What is Romanticism ✅
Lesson 2 - On Being Single ✅
Lesson 3 - On Dating ✅
Lesson 4 - Challenges of Marriage ✅
Lesson 5 - Why Do Some Have Affairs ✅
Lesson 6 - When to Leave ✅
Lesson 7 - How to Fall in Love... Again✅
Lesson 8 - How to Get Married ✅

List of Students and Status:

Fluttershy - Single
Sandbar - Dating
Gallus - Single
Ocellus - Dating
Smolder - Dating
Yona - Dating
Silverstream - Single
Cadence - Married
Shining Armor - Married
Starlight - Dating
Trixie - Dating
Braeburn - Married
Applejack - Married
Rainbow Dash - Married
Big Mac - Married
Sugar Belle - Married
Ms. Harshwhinny - Single
Spoiled Rich - Married (Divorced?)
Filthy Rich - Married (Divorced?)
Fleur de Lis - Dating
Fancy Pants - Dating
Troubleshoes - Married
Soarin - Single
Lyra - Married
Sweetie Drops - Married
Mr. Cake - Married
Mrs. Cake - Married
Miss. Cheerliee - Single
Twilight - Single
Rarity - Single

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Since Princess Twilight Sparkle had elevated herself to the status of an immortal alicorn, she has come to realize that there would be one part of her friend's lives that they may never get the chance of having - her funeral. To make up for this, she decides to host a mock funeral so they can have the opportunity to experience it. However, word about the preparation for said funeral accidently gets out and as a result, Equestria believes that Twilight has died.

This story was inspired by the suggestion of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Proofread by Titanium Dragon.

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