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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky


Warning: The following story you are about to read is currently unedited and deals with M/M shipping. If you do mind one or both of these things, you know where the exit button is.

A day after the events of "Hearth's Warming Club," Sandbar finds out another reason why his griffon friend does not want to return go Griffonstone. In the eyes of the griffons, Gallus isn't considered a legal adult as he has no one to perform a coming of age ceremony. One that would give the young griffon self-guardianship and freedom of choice to leave the country to move to Equestria. However, since he could not be adopted without the consent of a living relative, Gallus is stuck in perpetual legal and culture limbo.

That was until Sandbar thought up of a loophole. If his friend is unable to be free by adoption, then perhaps the only way to do so, is to marry him. At least, temporarily.

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Story request from Sektiss The Changeling to Lotus Moon. Happy Hearts and Hooves day. And a Happy Valentine's Day for my readers.

On a cold night on Hearts and Hooves day, a disguised Changeling travels to Ponyville with three gifts on her back. She has come all this way in a form of gratitude to a unicorn named Lotus Moon for giving a new purpose in her life after breaking away from Queen Chrysalis. Sektiss the Changeling finds her alone in her home, stressed and tired out.

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Warning: the following story is currently unedited and contain m/m shipping.

Months after Sombra had surrendered to the Crystal Empire, Cadence and Shining decided if it's possible to reform one of the most notorious villains in Equestrian history. At the same time, Shining starts to get suspicious when the ex-king asks for paper daily but never see what he does with it. Deciding to investigate, he finds the remains of a manuscript that, after cleaning the ash with a spell, he finds that it turned out to be a novel written by Sombra in which gives him a window into his thoughts and feelings towards him.

A late birthday present for TheVClaw. I'm sorry for not getting this out on time, but I hope you like it.

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Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains dark humor, an odd set up for a practical joke among immortal Princesses, whom one of them will no doubt go crazy, random things before she thinks she "kicks the bucket."

It just might be the most ingenious prank that Princess Luna has ever conceived. A simple one at that. All she had to do was to bribe her sister's most trusted doctor to tell her that she's dying. With only about a week left, Celestia then decides that she will spend her last eight days doing the crazy, immature, random and funniest things that she could think of while preparing for her own funeral.

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Warning: The story you are about to read is currently unedited.

In this trio of short, anthological stories, I'll be telling three different ghost stories. One from the sea, one from the land, and one from the frosty air. All about some of the darker sides of Equestria.

1: The Cepheus - The Equestrian Naval ship receives a mysterious distress signal only to find an abandoned old ship floating in the fog.

2: The Hearse Ride - A group of foals decided to go on a new ride through the Everfree Forest in an old hearse with a cloaked driver and a ragged minstrel singing a rather disturbing song.

3: Psychosis - After spending over two weeks being trapped in a blizzard in the mountains, one of a group of friends is slowly driven mad to the point he would crave for something else.

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Warning: The story you're about to read is currently unedited and contains some m/m themes, cultural misunderstanding and an awkward situation. And it contains some very minor spoilers of the episode: "Rockhoof and a Hardplace."

During the events of "Rockhoof and a Hardplace," the ancient hero tries out for other jobs to find out where he fits into modern society after the failure as a professor from the School of Friendship. In his stay in Ponyville, he decides to try out as a farmhoof at Sweet Apple Acres. While there and through a cultural misunderstanding, he thinks that Big Macintosh purposes something life-changing.

All from offering an apple pie.

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Warning: the following story you are about to read is currently unedited. It also contains disturbing material that may be unnerving to some readers.

It is (for some) the first Nightmare Night for the Student Six. They spend the evening in costume wondering the fairground of Ponyville enjoying the pony holiday. However, a magic show gets their attention in which the magician shows off a curiosity: a centuries-old automaton. Gallus is asked to come on stage in which, even after the show, the trick that he went along with, follows him back to the school.

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After a freak accident involving Princess Celestia, a magically powered sneeze with golden glitter, and a pony that guides air traffic, Air Marshal is now an Alicorn. Will he become a prince? Nope.

Proofread by Titanicgaming360 and tkepner.

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This story is a sequel to Inverno in F Minor

Warning: The following story is currently unedited and will contain classical music. The story is inspired by the anime show: ClassicaLoid. If you do not like those, you know where the exit button is. Also, since I'm trying to portray these composers as closely as to how they were, it only stands to reason that I put an M/M tag on (especially with three particular characters) Lully, Schubit, and Tchaicoltsky.

Cover art was created by Mix-up, aka amalgamzaku.

Taken place after the birth of Flurry Heart, Cadance and Shining tried to get their adopted son to interact with foals his age. But their son, Inverno, is easily bored with them so he decides to use magic to craft some friends that he wanted to have. So following the instructions of a mental resurrection spell from his biological father's (Sombra) he brings the minds of history's greatest composers back. However, they are immediately separated throughout Equestria. Inverno goes on a quest to recover these brilliant minds while discovering that they come back with something more than he could imagine.

Story dedicated to the voice actress and friend: MLPGal. To her, that has gone through much but still presses forward.

Music used in this fic:

- "I Have Become Lost in the World" by Gustav Mahler (Chapter 4)
- Nutcracker ~ Russian Dance Rock version! Arranged by Mark Klett (Chapter 7)
- Anderson & Roe | DER ERLKÖNIG | Steinway Piano Factory (Chapter 8)
- Prelude & Fugue No. 2 in C minor (WTC. BWV. 847) by Bach (Chapter 9)
- Mozart Turkish March - Remix by Andrej Stojanovski (Chapter 10)
- Symphony No. 6, 1st Movement by Beethoven (Chapter 10)
- Children's Corner, "Snow is Dancing" by Debussy (Chapter 10)
- Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 by Chopin (Chapter 12)
- (Glichy) Marche pour la Ceremonie des Turcs by Lully (Chapter 12)
- 5th Symphony, 1st Movement (Funeral March) by Mahler (Chapter 13)
- Spring, 1st Movement by Vivaldi (Chapter 14)

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This story is a sequel to Discord Teaches Philosophy

Warning: The following is currently unedited and contains a significant amount of Philosophy.

After deciding on taking up the role of a Substitute and finding out that the main Philosophy teacher is boring his students, Discord decides to step in to take up the responsibility of teaching. And he will do it by teaching it in plain Equestrian, in a way that these young students would understand. As well as in his own unique way.

Lesson Plan (in no particular order):

Socrates: His Method and How We Ought to Live ✅

Plato: Allegory of the Cave ✅

Marcus Aurelius: How Stoicism Deals with Hardships ✅

Confucius: Who is Ruling Whom? ✅

Kintsugi: The Art of Imperfection ✅

Machiavelli: In Defense of the Prince ✅

Montaigne: Usefulness of Humility ✅

Rousseau: Of Savages and Civilization ✅

Kierkegaard: Subjectivity and Truth ✅

Nietzsche: Of Suffering and Happiness ✅

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