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Lord Despair

I am hate, I am fear, I am sorrow, I am DESPAIR!!!!!!!!

Young Alkeyore Blood-raven and filly Moonlit bloom

This is an practice drawing by the artist _vidz_ if you like it then go check his page

ps Alkeyore doesn't have an staff or those shoes in the fic


it is finshed. · 5:56am Jun 23rd, 2019

Standing at 173,000 words the first official novel of A wizard's tale, now renamed The Raven Age: A Wizard's Tale is finished and being attempted to be traditional published. If traditional doesn't work out then there's always amazon.

Yet however as though grand is sounds that leaves this dark lord at an crossroads and with g5 being round the corner that crossroad is even more narrowed.. what happens next?:rainbowderp:

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Story process

A wizards tale Chapter 20 writing process 5% incomplete

Wolf in Wood rewrite

Changeling or not rewrite

Chaotic Marks rewrite

Lonesome Chapter 37 0% incomplete

Nature of the Everfree rewrite

Latest works

Stories themes and songs that fit the stories

A wizard's tale

Wolf in Wood

Changeling or not

Chaotic Marks

Metal Domination

The Hand Of Despair

Dreams, Nightmares, and Friendships



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Just dropped by to say how much I love your name! :rainbowlaugh:


When's update lonesome update coming up

The evergreen must be revived

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