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Lord Despair

I am hate, I am fear, I am sorrow, I am DESPAIR!!!!!!!!

Young Alkeyore Blood-raven and filly Moonlit bloom

This is an practice drawing by the artist _vidz_ if you like it then go check his page

ps Alkeyore doesn't have an staff or those shoes in the fic


I think I'm leaving... · 4:14am March 10th

I believe that I'm leaving the site... or at least it seems that I am leaving ponies

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A wizards tale Chapter 20 writing process 5% incomplete

Wolf in Wood rewrite

Changeling or not rewrite

Chaotic Marks rewrite

Lonesome Chapter 37 0% incomplete

Nature of the Everfree rewrite

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RIP Nature of the Everfree

I can’t think of anyone right now

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