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My name's Alexis, but you can call me Shadow. I write stories on here with my brother, Jason, who goes by the name of 666 and writes in bold, dark gray. Anyways, I hope you enjoy our stories! Personally, I think they're pretty badass.



Introductions #2 · 11:56pm Aug 19th, 2015

Jason did this, so I may as well follow his lead.

Hi! I'm Alexis, but on here, I'm known as Shadow. Jason's my brother and I'm older than him by eleven minutes, although he'll probably tell you otherwise. I'm new-ish to writing and I wish that people wouldn't dislike a story without reading it first. Oh, and Pinkie Pie is best pony!

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Merry Christmas edgy person. :rainbowkiss:

1945860 I will block you. Stop spamming my page.

Chaos is oh so beautiful :pinkiecrazy:

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