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I usually stick to common themes in my stories. I like to have all the characters have a good reason for their goals. I shoot down any concept of fate. Also, there are always dragons.


Hello, fellow authors of all skill levels!

Do you need artwork for your story? A flashy cover for your adventure story? A saucy pinup for your clopfic? Or just an illustration for between the lines?

Well, I can provide!

Just send me a private message with the details of your commission. Be as vague or specific as you want, I can work with it. Prices vary depending on the work, but expect something in the $25-$50 range. I accept money via Paypal, but you can advise some other means if you wish.

If you wanna see more, follow this link, or browse my stories on this page. I did all of the artwork myself.

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2431931 wait, I was right?! That was actually just an assumption, I wasn't quite sure if I was right or not.

2430240 Right on the marker there.

2430239 very well then. By the way, just so I'm getting her character straight from what I've seen so far, she works at a brothel, is an exotic dancer, and already has had sex and is willing to do it for certain clients (I'm probably wrong but that's what I'm getting so far from the drawings)?

2430212 You'll see soon enough. I'm working on the story she originates from as we speak.

2091479 I visited your deviantart and furanffinity account to check out your art, beautifully drawn btw ;). I couldn't help but be interested in one of your characters, Karma. I've read some of her backstory in the drawing from meek to magnificent, but I have to ask what's her full story?

  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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