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I usually stick to common themes in my stories. I like to have all the characters have a good reason for their goals. I shoot down any concept of fate. Also, there are always dragons.

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I have to assume that this story will mainly follow the reunification of skyrim quest

Interesting! I liked this! :twilightsmile:

1354669 WAIT WAIT WAIT back the fuck up neither (as in plural(as in a joint work)) of you has played beaten skyrim (im not one talk seeing as how ive had this game for almost a year and I still havent beaten all of it) but you guys have at least played all the major (college of winterhold, theives guild, dark brotherhood, companions, reunification of skyrim, and alduin) quests. I can see that this story has a lot of potential and I just dont want to see you (gentlemen?) turn it into a steaming pile of garbage by being mis informed on one side or the other.

1354708 Quests I've completed are: Thieve's Guild, and about 20 0r 40 side quests. The main Quests... I've done a couple of. I can use Fus, but haven't gone to the Mountain part yet.

And besides, I don't own the game. I only play it when we're over at the author's house. :ajbemused: I wish I did own it, really.

1354722 damn that sucks and its been almost a year and still no price drop but still a good investment at any rate it was all I played for five or so months

So, what your saying is that your writing a story about Skyrim without finishing it? You did beat the main storyline, right?


Okay, let's make this clear.

We intend to continue playing Skyrim for the sake of research, but we feel that prior completion is unnecessary and time-consuming, plus, no one wants to read the exact same story, only ponified.

This will have similar themes, elements and allusions to Skyrim but it won't be replicated quest for quest.

Thanks this made it a lot clearer!


We intend to continue playing Skyrim for the sake of research, but we feel that prior completion is unnecessary and time-consuming, plus, no one wants to read the exact same story, only ponified.


We intend to continue playing Skyrim for the sake of research...

Hold on a minute...

... playing Skyrim for the sake of research...

:rainbowhuh: ...


OOH New cover art! Me like!:pinkiehappy:

Awesome story. Cant wait for Caro to kick some ass!

So after weeks of putting it off, I'm finally getting to this story. So far as of the first chapter it had not proved to disappoint. Further judgment will be held until after I've finished.

1861923 Do comment what you think as you read, like you usually do.

You're one of the few fans I have to genuinely use constructive criticism.

OH CRAP TIME TO absorb a dragon soul.

I'm only commenting here because I don't see any others besides SBM here.

Many face palms were had at the minecraft references. Will either edit or make another comment when I finish this chapter.
Edit: great chapter as always. Very different and I like it that way.

Oh now that can't be good. And I totally did it! Now to wait for that update.
Lived the chapter by the way. Just saying.

Tohro get wrecked. Yay I read the chapter and loved it. I assume that's the excuse for traveling around instead of doing anything important off the bat now. Eh I'm too tired to understand what I saying. Great chapter and can't wait for more.

Well I think that went rather well. Yay for me reading it finally. I enjoyed the chapter especially the rhymes.

wow the protagonistic is really fucked up ..... i like it

purple stuff was that a sunny d reference?

lol that black wing is such a perv

and was rewarded with an arrow in the knee.

well i saw that coming lol

wait how old is shae?

Tr-tribute?! Y-you steal colts souls and m-m-make us your slaves!”
“Perhaps the same can be said of all religions.”

“Of course I am. Have you ever tried being mad without power? ‘Tis boring and nopony listens to you.

u are awsome

2045908 I'd wager she's about fifteen or sixteen, by our standards.

Why did the notification thingy not appear that this updated? I am so confused. I generally get warning instead of just finding it.

2081579 Regardless, enjoy. Tell me what you think, as per usual.

Comment posted by NaughtSought deleted May 20th, 2013

2081800 Super Big Mac and I play Skyrim enough to get ideas, but we favor a good, well written story (For the most part) over accuracy, much like when Tim Burton's Batman. Who wants to read the exact same story they could just as easily play? Regardless, this is still Skyrim, through and through.

Also, I edited that typo you caught. Thanks.

You should be my editor.

2082032 Very true. I guess I saw that whole not playing the game in worse light than it actually was.
While I would happily accept being your editor if you actually offered; I'm not sure if you would actually want me to. (he said after editing away a paragraph of the first attempt at this comment)

2082091 When you write a sentence (like that one just there), and you have parentheses (like the earlier ones and these ones), you put the punctuation (like a comma, period, colon, semi-colon, etc) after the parentheses, not before (no, really. I mean that).

2082091 Also, Skyrim is a big, biiig game, and we usually only play to find the side quests that would be good to insert, since the two main quests are rather well known, whether we've played them or not.

2082127Go jump in a fire:twilightsmile:
Doesn't care. Hates the game anyway.

2082218 No thanks, I've been in enough fires today to be comfy for the next three months (if you think hospitals are comfy...).

2082229Generally hospitals are only comfy when you are either asleep or comatose.

I can't help but point out that nopony makes mention of a dragon corpes. That is if it's still there.:moustache:

2162563 Good catch. I'll address that in a later chapter.

You really should add a translater for those of us how can't speak Dovah.

2163213 Trust me, most of it is absolute gibberish. The actual dragon language in Skyrim is very limited. I just type in random junk without any intended message.

2163504 I figured as much, would still be nice to know what they're saying though. Also: I guessing that Celine is a young You-know-who, while that little filly Caro's been dreaming about is the other You-know-who. And on a side note: I'm recieving a destinct vive coming from Shokenda. For some reason she reminds me of Chrysalis.

You have vile instead of vial in some part... I think.

I have no idea what you’re talking about

Something about this line was wrong. Sorry these things are nearly useless. Its not as easy to do on this phone.
Interesting chapter and now that I know you are only typing random letters for the language I can stop searching for hidden messages.

this pure, undesputed, awesome!


damn my inner sadist is pleased with caro's actions

2220529 i deed mine to it is pleaesed and caro is going to the dark side goooooooooooooddddd woe to his foes as there blood flows like a river and there and pain and agony be unending and wounds burn like moltien steel and thay beg for death(ahm........ that got realy dark fast sooooooo k.)

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