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Hello all and everyone (or everypony if you roll that way)

This is just going to be a Blog were if you have a story about the Everfree Forest or something related to that then you can join and but your story on Stories button thingy. Anyway if you have any questions about this then feel free just to go to my home page and give me some mail to read and i will respond as soon as I can to you (Between 1 to 3 business days).

I mean really anything about the Everfreee forest can be on this..... Annyything............. anything..........

also if you want please send me your stories i will like to read them please. I will give tips on them, but only if you want, but if your story is written like a five year old with crack and weed in your system.. I will still but it on!

Thought I wouldn't didn't you.
ok well here goes the blog in 3 2 1.......

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We do need a folder for stories, more a few.

Oh well, I am already here. I have several stories touching the mentione imfamous forest of Everfree.

you can join and but your story on Stories button thingy.

There are no folders.


  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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