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This is for all of you Twilight Sparkle X Star Swirl the Bearded fans. Please place your stories in the appropriate folders, and do not add a story unless it contains this shipping pair.

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Time travel. That's all one needs.

360982 But, hey, man, it's cool - each to their own. :scootangel:

360937 What this guy said -- 360969.

Besides, there is always the beauty of AU!

And as for the "one of them is dead" excuse - puh-lease, go on tumblr. Everyone and their mother ships pairings where at least one of the characters is dead in one fandom or another.


Okay. So there's a thousand year age difference between them and one of them is dead, but love always finds a way!

Okay, I'm really sorry for posting against this group, but WHAT?! really?

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