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"No power in existence can be defined as good or evil. Only the wielders of power can be defined by such alignments, and their alignment is defined by the choices of their use of power."

This group is made for the stories where the main character is defined by the quote above; a practitioner of darkness that uses their power for good, and the acolytes of the light that use their power for ill. The stories where the character is defined by the use of their power, not the power they use. I have only three rules for this group. One; post all stories in their proper folder. Two; do not make posts that would offend other members. And three; do not do anything that would get this group deleted by the moderators. Other than that, have fun.

Some stipulations on story posting. Stories must have the main character using a form of magic or power that is generically aligned as good or evil and use it to the opposite of the label it has been given. An example would be the use of necromancy being used for good, such as forensics, or giving grieving families the chance to have their last goodbyes with a dearly departed family member.

Stories must have the main character doing such a thing. Stories with a side or background character doing this don't count, else this would be filled with stories involving Celestia using dark magic for something benevolent while the story focus is on Twilight.

Stories where the power involved is a magical artifact also don't count. Unlike raw power, artifacts are usually aligned to good or evil, with parameters placed upon them (Elements of Harmony) or manipulations cast upon the host (Alicorn Amulet) to ensure they are used for their specific alignment. The main character has to use their own natural magical and/or innate abilities to be valid.

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361297 dude u need to create a folder for darkness used for evil it is needed! :ajbemused:

Hm. I'm having a problem with the newest story here in our group. To me, this doesn't feel like the use of light magic being used for an evil purpose. Would the one who added it please inform me of their reasons for believing it to be valid use of light magic done for evil?:rainbowhuh:

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