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This is the group for those who like to read and write backstories for characters. Here the folders contain all sorts of backstories, alternate universes and headcanon for others to enjoy. Even if the show has disapproved of them, they are still welcome. The stories in this group offer explanations of character's pasts.


1) Place all stories in the correct folder.
2) Stories can only go in one folder.
3) If there isn't a folder for that character, place it in the unsorted one.
4) All site rules apply here.
5) Please tag all forum posts with things like [Art] or [Discussion].
6) Self-promotion is allowed if it is tagged.
7) The stories that go in this group are origin stories rather then stories where the characters past is simply explained.
8) If canon (the show) has proven a story wrong, it is still allowed here. However this group disregards the comics and its version of the characters backstories. If you have a comic-related story it should go here, here, or to any other comic-centirc or comic-inspired group.
9) Alternate Universes are encouraged but if your story addles character relationships or timelines too much (i.e. gender swapped, role reversals, things like having Celestia as the younger sister, etc.) your story will not be allowed.
10) Ageless/immortal Twilight Cadance, Nightmare Moon and Luna as two distinct characters, or stories where certain characters aren't shown as related (Cadance being related to Celestia and Luna biologically, for example) are allowed as long as they don't break rule 9.
11) Stories must have an [E] or [T] rating.
12) Crossovers aren't permitted as they bring about too many changes and break rule 9. Crossovers with different MLP generations are permitted.
13) No trollfics.
14) PM me if you want to become an admin.
15) OC backstories must go in the correct folder. Stories about canon characters involving OCs should not go in that folder.
16) Stories shipping characters who are related aren't allowed.
17) Celestia and Luna don't have to be biological siblings and can be portrayed as sisters-in-arms, cousins, mother and daughter or something similar to sisters. But stories where they are shipped aren't allowed!
18) Fausticorn stories should go in the Fausticorn folder.
19) If it doesn't break the rules, alternate history is allowed as well.

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