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Hairy Rainbowish Thingy

Just a depressed French-Canadien who love to laugh while reading some good fanfiction.

Welcome to my BIO!!!




Favorite Main Pony: Applejack(for obvious reasons)
Favorite background Pony: Derpy Hooves

Nationality: Canada,Quebec

First: French
Second: English. i can read and write in english but can't speak it.My pronunciation is really bad,i always need to think of the word i will use and freeze each i time i try. I just start studying English by myself one year ago. I never been interest in it when i was at school.

Personality: I got two personalities,real life and internet

In real life: INTP.Paranoid,Hateful,Anti-social,awkward,lack of empathy and all of this come from a Social Phobia. i am sarcastic all the time and i am depress. I always wear a metaphorical mask to hide my feelings but if ask, i don't fear to talk about them.Its more of a way to not get too much attention
I am really stubborn

On the internet: Really assertive and I'm generally the guy that will make dirty jokes or sarcastic comments depending of how i'm feeling.
I feel bad: sarcastic
I feel great: dirty jokes
I also like to disgust people with my knowledge of diseases and horrible imagination.
I have a really good humor.dark,immature,sarcastic,morbid or whatever.
I don't get easily offend

In general: I am a misanthrope but i try to not be a jerk about it,because even though i hate people,it doesn't mean i have to be like those that made me like i am now.
I am really stubborn
Honesty is really important for me.I know its seems hypocritical with my 'mask' but like i said ask
and i will tell.

Pass Time:Always Listening Music,Zone-Out in my mind,Thinking,Reading,Video games,Walking and Learning.

Music preference: Symphonic metal,Old rock and metal,Punk,Classical but not much,Sometime old Pop but the current pop sucks Fucking ass and other various style.
I love a good beat but i prefer when the lyrics means something.

Music i dislike:Current Pop and Rap. The problem with those two is that the lyric are all the same shit.
Pop:Party,Sexual Reference,Party,dance,Booze,Party,Finding love at said party and you know it,PARTY!!!
Rap:Sex,Drug,Drug,Sex,Sex,Drug,Party,Sex and Drug. Which is sad because some songs have really good lyrics full of emotions or true facts but they are stuck under this big pile of shit. Its a style that could have potential but is use really badly.

Like:Joking,Video game,Literature,Talking with friends,Nature,Animals,Working in an orchard,learning,honesty and respect.

Hate and Dislike Over-confident People,Douchebags,Dishonesty,Betrayal,Non-Respect and Failure.I also hate people who only think with their Dicks or Vagina,sure i do make sexual jokes but i won't go around and brag about my 'conquest' and would never insult someone by saying that they NEED to get out and have sex.Some people don't care about that.
I dislike being the center of attention,people in general and freezing when i try to speak in english (But i'm trying to get better on these one :twilightsheepish: ).

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Thanks for favoriting The Needs Of The Many. :yay:


Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

2075638 No prob:twilightsmile: and have a good Christmas too ;

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