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I, Fafnir, welcome you. Be at ease, for my rage and greed have ended. Instead, I have constructed a game, based upon my infinite wealth and glory, to be played among those who have risen to the title of "Draconian".

But do not be fooled...

Every being participating in this game is of a cruel disposition; ruthless in their antics to obtain what was mine. It was like this, even before the day of Old. So, in order to rid myself of this accused hoard I've amassed; I come to a random planet in the Multiverse, descending like an angelic prophet for the Creator.

The Draconians will flock to this planet, seeking my wealth and weapons. Some of these beings are heralded as demons or angels...some as dragons. But, this missive is not for them.

Instead, it is for you.

So now I ask thee this: Dost thou wish to acquire the infinite wealth of I, Fafnir?

If so, then my prayers go out to you. May your campaign be blessed, and may your head remain on your shoulders...

This is a COLLAB group. If you are interested in drafting your own draconian story, please feel free to do so. PM me a completed premise and fill out the dossier of your King or Queen.

Before writing, you should decide if your story is gonna be Non-Canon or Canon (Interacts with Spike, Dameion, and Sunset Shimmer.)

That is all.

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