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I'm back! · 9:23am Jul 22nd, 2016

Did you miss me? College is finally over and done with, I've sorted out my university application, and now I've got plenty of free time on my hands for the next couple of months. Naturally, this means that I've finally got time to resume work on Pinkie Personalities!

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Dude not cool . Need more story please .:fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:

*joyfull REEEEE-ing*


Good to see you're back; I really do like Pinkie's Personalities.
I haven't seen, much less read, any stories quite like it; other stories with the same theme are either too dark - Pinkamena - or just lack both alternate personalities.

I just want to ask what you've been doing the last two years, if that's not too intrusive a question.

2 Years Later, Ded.

When will you be writing again? :rainbowderp:

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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