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Everfree Northwest is Seattle's premier My Little Pony fan convention! We hope you'll join us for our seventh annual convention, taking place May 18-20th 2018.


Scribblefest Closing and Submission List! · 5:25am March 9th

Good Evening Pony Writers! We had a fairly large turnout to our writing contest, Scribblefest, that officially ended at midnight on March 4th. We at EFNW will be getting super busy judging those entries, and we're really excited for that! That said, if you wanted to see who entered and what they wrote (and to pick your favourites), here is the list below. We are hoping to complete judging as soon as possible (with allowances for real life stuff like jobs, sleep, etc).

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2413819 Thanks!

Definitely something to put on my calendar.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to any conventions until I get out of college. (Your event is right during my finals week. :raritydespair:)

Official EFNW


It does happen every year! Usually we try to run the contest from February through early March, to give folks about a month to get it all written and spiffy before entry. We do a site-wide announcement about it around the 1st of February, with the writing prompt. We also, if you're in the area and able to come to the con, do a miniaturized version of this called our Iron Author contest, which gives you 2 hours to write a story based on 3 prompts!

Oh. I did not notice the original Scribblefest announcement. That would have been fun.

Does it happen every year? In that case, what date does it start?

It would be cool if I can go to Everfree Northwest, but I live all the way here in Mission Viejo and I don't have money to fly there. Also, it would be really cool for me to meet other bronies.


SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series, Seattle, TODAY, March 1, 7pm

The Pacific Northwest is home to a Tardis-Full of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, a fact celebrated every quarter with the Pacific Northwest Reading Series. These free quarterly events provide the Northwest Science Fiction and Fantasy community a chance to gather, network and enjoy readings from local and visiting authors in Portland and Seattle.

Each event features three authors who read from their latest work, interpreting and explaining their concepts and vision. In addition, space is provided for networking and conversation. The Q1 2016 event in the Seattle area (Kirkland, WA) will be held on Tuesday, March 1st. Set in the festive atmosphere of the Wilde Rover Irish Pub & Restaurant in Kirkland, WA, events begin at 7:00 pm, and end by 8:30 pm.

More information and online registration: SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series -- Seattle (Kirkland)

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