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Rising Vision

It will all come together in the end. The story shall be written, the stage afire with the characters upon it. The very world shall be my paper, and my mind shall be the pen. The vision shall rise.

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To those of you who may read this, I'm sorry for the long hiatus. My responsibilities have overshadowed many of my recreational pursuits. Perhaps one day I shall find inspiration waiting in the interim of duty and rest, and set my pen to paper once again, hopefully not too late.

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Comment posted by Gray Compass deleted May 4th, 2015


The name was the thing that caught my attention actually, it being similar my own. :ajsmug: I thought some of your stories looked interesting and here we are! (Not to mention of course the cool avatar and banner on your page.) Anyway, I look forward to more from you and since my name literally means laughter, laugh for whatever reason you can find!

The Vision Shall Rise.


I believe the same could be said about you as well. I thank you for the watch and for the kind remarks. I look forward to our future conversations. God bless.

609625 *Sniff* You're a beautiful person, you know that? *Sniff*:pinkiesad2:


I mainly liked your post on "Can Atheism Justify Morality?" and decided to check you out. I look forward to your new story and the completion of your current published work.

If you ever need a proofreader or editor I'll be happy to help. Just send a pm.:pinkiesmile:

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