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I paint scribbles and hope they make sense.

Want to Watch?

In case you're one of those peeps who like to watch me draw or just want to chill out, you can watch me on Twitch.

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Zuberi · 11:10am Dec 20th, 2017

Character reference sheet for Level Dasher's FoE character, Zuberi.

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Commission Process and Rules (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

My gallery is always available for viewing.
My FimFic Cover Art Gallery is, as well.

If and only if my commissions are open...

When someone wants to buy a commission, they email me (doglegofdoom@gmail.com) or pm me here or on DeviantArt. I always reply. I live on the internet.
NOTE: My PayPal email is different: ayemelaml@gmail.com
Please do not email me at ayemelaml. Use doglegofdoom@gmail.com if you must email me.

Ask me about price, because it varies according to detail, matter, and style!

After we've discussed time and price (I live in EST zone and stream around 9 or 10 pm, sometimes earlier), I link my client to my Livestream.

You, the client, get to watch me work on their project! How awesome is that? So you can tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if you want details to your exact preference. I also listen to some music, and I can enjoy almost any genre, so you tell me what to listen to and everyone viewing my stream gets to hear it. I know. I'm so fabulously hospitable to you guys.

I'm told I work fast, but if you have a due date, please let me know. My projects do take time (time spent depends on the complexity and style).So please realize you must be patient before taking up my service.

I have some rules about commissions.
1. No porn. Some nudity may be exceptional. But seriously, guys. No R34.

2. After I've finished a piece, I will put a big, fat watermark on it until payment has been processed.

3. If you want to be ahead of the queue line (I always have other projects to work on), you must pay up front. You won't have to worry about rule #2.

4. All artists have the right to reject a commission without explanation.

Hopefully, I won't find a reason to make this list of rules any bigger. I'd like to believe I can trust people. I have already been cheated once. You can thank the dishonest people for these rules' existence.

If you have any questions or I may have missed a detail, feel free to ask!

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If you need someone to talk to about anything, you can always message me.~ :raritywink:

1635727 Thank you very much! >o<

Just wanted to say, lovely artwork. :twilightsmile:

1629246 You'll find it here. I do a lot of unrelated crap; like banners and photo edits but if you dig you can find some drawings. :twilightsheepish: :heart:

I'm nowhere near as good as you though. :raritydespair:

Thank you~! What's your tumblr? o: I dug into your profile and saw that you're an artist, yourself.

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