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Stories waiting in queue · 7:57am Dec 28th, 2015

So you've been waiting for however long for your story to be approved/failed and might be getting impatient with the staff. Maybe you've been waiting 5 minutes, 6 hours, or 2 days. There are a whole host of reasons why this may be, including but not limited to:

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Who's more intimidating? Me or You?


Dunno why you were downvoted (yes, I do, mods are pricks and don't like doing their actual jobs, only inciting drama). They changed it to stop vote-abuse, basically: if a story received a few downvotes in a short space of time, it was more likely that it'd keep being downvoted without anyone actually reading the story. Votes become visible once it hits a net value of ten.

Hello. I am going to China soon and I would like to know if this site is banned in China. Thank You.

Excuse me? I was wondering, how did the like/dislike rates get invisible to the public like some of the stories?

I have a question about the rules. The rules say you can't submit multiple chapters of a story as separate stories. But what if the story has multiple seasons. My story CMCARS (The CMC's Adventures In Radiator Springs) has multiple seasons and I'm almost complete with season 1. Can I make season 2 a separate story?

Um, I'm new here and I just posted my first story. Well, it says that it might take up to ten minutes to an hour for it to be approved, and it's been almost two hours. Why's that?

I need some help with getting my fanfic approved. Will you please help me get my fanfic approved and seen by others.

The Human's Star

Greetings. I need some help with my fanfic. I got the fanfic checked with spelling and grammar. But the story hasn't been approved yet. Please help me.

  • Viewing 1,262 - 1,271 of 1,271
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