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Stories waiting in queue · 7:57am Dec 28th, 2015

So you've been waiting for however long for your story to be approved/failed and might be getting impatient with the staff. Maybe you've been waiting 5 minutes, 6 hours, or 2 days. There are a whole host of reasons why this may be, including but not limited to:

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Comment posted by ashi-5 deleted April 9th

Hello Meester. I published the first chapter of my story earlier today, and it hasn’t been submitted yet. It’s called My little pony X, and I was wondering why it’s still not published.

hi um i'm working on a story well that i've started a long time ago and never got past the first paragraph and now i'm stuck at just under 300 words and honestly am not sure how to continue it i would love it if somepony read what i have and would advise one it how to improve or maybe some idea on how to continue i've got a few ideas i'm just not sure if i know enough about my little pony to do the characters justice even after watching all seven seasons


As long as it's not meta in that it talks about a story/user on fimfic. Writing a fic that's in the same universe like all the fallout equestria fics would be fine,e but writing a story specifically about kkat or basically a blog disguised as a story is not allowed.

Silly question.

Is it possible to make a fan-fiction OF a fan-fiction? Or would it cause the universe to implode if someone attempted that?

And it's still 'Incomplete'.

You can answer any question? What's the oldest fic on this site that's still up?

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