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Stories waiting in queue · 7:57am Dec 28th, 2015

So you've been waiting for however long for your story to be approved/failed and might be getting impatient with the staff. Maybe you've been waiting 5 minutes, 6 hours, or 2 days. There are a whole host of reasons why this may be, including but not limited to:

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Hi, I want to ask a serious question.

What are the rulings for writing a Rated M story?

I don't know if your the person to ask, but I'm having a confusing... "issue?"
I just submitted a new chapter to my story, but the word count is off. I posted over 1000 words for this chapter, but if you look at the story's page, it will say that that there's only 31 words. I'm very confused. Does this have to do with me copy and pasting from Microsoft Word?

hi for some reason, making "dragonhoof into "dragon hoof" fixed it "D'OH!" I'm also wanting to know how do I down load a splunky load of stories onto here?

hi I put in the wrong username and the sight refuses to allow me to change it help! how do I do so?

I have a question how do you start a story on a Android device? because a is bugging me that I can't make stories at this point in time can you help me ?

Question: does anybody else see that ad about the average ponyfic being terrible?

Comment posted by speedyracer123 deleted July 6th

Search and click the user's name in the group member list. In the Admin section dropdown menu, select what position you want the user to be: Member, Contributor, or Admin.

How to you make someone an admin in a group?

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