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Can either answer any question about Fimfiction or know where to find it.


Stories waiting in queue · 7:57am Dec 28th, 2015

So you've been waiting for however long for your story to be approved/failed and might be getting impatient with the staff. Maybe you've been waiting 5 minutes, 6 hours, or 2 days. There are a whole host of reasons why this may be, including but not limited to:

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Pull up on the block I be like gangang

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Dose the book reader have a setting were you can change the voice?

Will there ever be a Fimfiction app for Android and iPhone?

Thanks for approving my story!
hopefully, you enjoyed it...?


kiss me

What are the exact details of the restrictions on copyrighted song lyrics? In my story, I've got some bits with characters singing songs that may or may not be copyright, and I'm worried I'll have to tear apart the whole story to change them up.

Hello old sport, my name is Sam and I have a super important question for you. Can't really type much on this comment thing because my device is a piece of garbage, so how should I ask it?


Use Google Docs

Ok, so TheSleeplessOne wants me to be his editor and proofreader for his first story any pre-read his story's chapters, but I am not sure as to how I would do that, pre-reading that is.


  • Viewing 1,206 - 1,215 of 1,215
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