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Uz Naimat

"There's beauty in the breakdown." - Sunset Shimmer

Thank you for being a friend!

Hello, wonderful person who decided to see my user page!

You know, I've always viewed Fimfiction as this bustling city, where all the people are connected by one thing: My Little Pony. You have those who just came here to be a viewer (readers), those who constantly work (authors), those who open business to bring people together (groups) and those who control the city (staff).

Fimfiction is this close-knitted community of bronies and pegasisters. A big thanks to knighty and the entire team who work continously to improve the site. I feel really honored to be a Pegasister.

If you are reading this, thank you for being here. I hope to entertain and give you a good time while reading my stories. My stories will be slice-of-lifey, Equestria Girls-centered and mostly focused on best human/pony: Sunset Shimmer.

So, here's a happy Twilight: :twilightsmile: :heart:

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Thank you very much for the follow! And in such select company, too! I'm glad I've entertained and hope I continue to do so.

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