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Uz Naimat

“I look at you, stories come back to life.” ~ Rainbooms


Growing up with hypersensitivity · 3:59pm April 2nd

Hiya, lovely peeps.

My name is Uz Naimat, I am 18 years old and I am hypersensitive.

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My best works:

Thank you for being a friend!

Hiya there, wonderful person who decided to see my user page!

You know, I’ve always viewed Fimfiction as this bustling city, where all the people are connected by one thing: My Little Pony. You have those who just came here to be a viewer (readers), those who constantly work (authors), those who open business to bring people together (groups) and those who control the city (staff).

Fimfiction is this close-knitted community of bronies and pegasisters. A big thanks to knighty and the entire team who work continously to improve the site. I feel really honored to be a Pegasister.

If you are reading this, thank you for being here. I hope to entertain and give you a good time while reading my stories. My stories will be slice-of-lifey, Equestria Girls-centered and mostly focused on best human/pony: Sunset Shimmer.

So, here’s a happy Twilight: :twilightsmile: :heart:

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I enjoy your stories. They never fail to make me smile.

Thankee thankee for the continuous bookshelf adds. I'm glad you've been liking my works so much, haha. :raritywink:


You're welcome, man. Always here to make others happy the best way I can! 😇

And awwwww, thankies! 💞💞💞

Aww. Thank you so much, KM. That means a lot. :pinkiesad2:
And you are worthy, too.

No worries. I'm sure I'm going to love the story. I do enjoy a good mystery, after all.

Thank you for the bookshelf add! I hope when you get the chance to read it, you enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

I have checked out the video. I'm subscribed to Sawtooth Waves. Do you want to discuss it in the PM?

You may have already seen this, but if not, I thought of you while I watched this since you are writing a story on Sunset Shimmer's past. Check this out.

No worries. Your stories are wonderful. Keep writing!

Thanks for adding my SunFlower stuff to your shelves. I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

Oh. Okay. So, if you are using a PC, then click on the ‘mail’ icon on my userpage. If you are using a mobile device, then you’ll see a three-bars icon right next to my name. Click on it and click on the ‘Private Message’ icon.

Hey man I'm not sure how to PM you

Okie. Thanks.

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