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Uz Naimat

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Open commissions! Come one, come all! · 2:13pm May 7th, 2022

Hiya, lovely peeps!

It has been forever and a half since I last did anything on the site. My last blog post was written January 30th this year (which is more than 3 months ago), the two unfinished stories I have are currently on an indefinite hiatus, and I have 14 unread chapters in my ‘Later’ list.

But I have an exciting announcement! Drum roll, please...

Uz is proud to announce that, for the first time ever, commissions are now open!

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Let’s get personal!


A Deep Dive Into Twilight’s Character - Final Thoughts · 6:48pm Sep 7th, 2022

Hiya, lovely peeps!

I have officially ended my 3-part blog on Twilight Sparkle and her relationship with the show’s villains. It went on way longer than I thought it would - what was originally supposed to be a single blog turned out to be three and took more than a week. It required a lot of research. The entire thing composes of roughly 4900 words (counting the quotes) and has, as of February 24th, 2023, amassed 459 views.

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Check out some of my artwork!

A few things you need to know about me

  • I start every single blog post and forum threads with ‘Hiya, lovely peeps!’ For PMs and long comments, I start with ‘Hiya there, [Insert author name]!’
  • I entered the fandom in 2014, right before Season 5. I watched the first two Equestria Girls movies and then read all there is to know about Seasons 1-4. My first thought when I saw Starlight Glimmer was, ‘When did Aria Blaze become a pony?’
  • I started reading on this site sometime in 2016. In November 2017, I created this account and wrote two badly-received stories. I lost the password to the account. Then in April 2020, I signed up again and have been active ever since.
  • My user name, Uz Naimat, is based on my real name. Naimat is my first name while Uz are the first two letters of my middle name, Uzma.
  • I’m a 20-year old woman from Mauritius, a small island country off the east of mainland Africa.
  • I’m of Indian descent.
  • I’m a practicing Muslim.
  • I’m a fan of analyzing the show and it’s various aspects. What made Twilight royal? Are Alicorns immortal? How long has the Tree of Harmony been around? Is Twilight as forgiving as we thought? That sort of thing.
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I'd appreciate it if you followed me back Thank you:raritycry:

Youʼre welcome.

Thank you so much for adding An Anon-a-Miss Carol to your "Best of Anon-a-Miss" bookshelf! :twilightsmile:

Hey m I’m back for good

Understood. See you around.

Okay, it's just that I hate to be a bother or come off really weird.

I honestly don't read here as much as I used to or promote stories. Been too focused on fishing in any feedback on my original fantasy novel universe.

No, it’s okay. If you’re interested, you can check out my newest story or, alternatively, spread the word to your friends.

Just checking in on ya. Bored and wanted to chat or something.

Sorry. :twilightblush:

Hanging in there, my dude? :moustache:

You’re welcome.

“favorite horrors”, huh? thanks a lot! that means quite a bit! my first attempt at such, glad i did ok :)

You’re welcome, Sonic.

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