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Starlight has a problem. Twilight left on an ambassadorial mission to the zebras less than a week ago. Just this morning, a businesspony showed up on the doorstep of the Castle of Friendship and stole the Alicorn Amulet right out from under her nose.

Rainbow Dash has a solution. Steal the Amulet back. How hard could it possibly be, right? Okay, so the Amulet's being kept in one of the most secure vaults in Equestria. And it's surrounded by guards and bystanders. And there's no one in Ponyville who has much experience in heists or robberies or law-breaking of any kind. Oh, and said businesspony is planning on selling the powerful artifact of dark magic on the black market, putting the whole thing on a time crunch. And they don't even have the blueprints to the place. But other than that, it'll be easy!

Starlight has a problem. This is the closest thing to a solution she has.

This can only end well.

Takes place before the season 6 finale. Updates Thursdays.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

I read the description before I looked at the character tags, and was like, "If Bon-Bon isn't in this, it's just a crime." Glad to see I was right.
This certainly sounds like it's gonna be fun. :trixieshiftright:

Oh goodness XD This should be fun.

I would like to see SOMEONE point out that it's really NOT Starlight's fault, though. She told Gourmand no. How was she supposed to know Gourmand would pull an epic whammy that would force her compliance? MOST PEOPLE DON'T PLAN FOR THAT. Seriously. Not her fault, unless there was some rule posted saying that she shouldn't answer the door. Or a rule stating that she should be epicly rude to people on her doorstep just because they're suspicious.

This promises to be thoroughly entertaining. Looking forward to seeing just how poorly thought out Dash's plan is.

Well, this should be fun.

Interesting. Love Dash's rubbing of Starlight's muzzle in how creepy mind control spells are.

This is a great start and I hope that when this is over they just try to destroy the amulet.

“Point taken.” Starlight stared at the paper again. “But… but a heist? Tell me, Rainbow, what the heck are you thinking?”

:rainbowhuh: "This is Ponyville. There's a whole section in the classifieds for heists and other adventures."

She stepped inside with bated breath, praying that whoever was there was competent.


And yea, her prayers were answered!

Quite the motley crew. Looking forward to seeing what they get themselves into, especially with a genre-savvy Best Pony.

This was a great chapter I love how Derpy surprises everyone with knowledge of heist stories and Lyra's crazy attitude.

First: This is probably going to be a better Starlight is the leader story than To Where and Back Again.
Second: Agent Sweetie Drops isn't going to be a secret for much longer is she?

Definitely getting Leverage vibes, MLP-FIM/Screwball Comedy style! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Hoping that at one point some of the girls dresses Carmen Sandiego-style to Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops's headache! :pinkiehappy:

Being dead was terrible on Starlight’s attempts to sleep.

First rule of any illegal business is "leave no witnesses", so she probably should be glad that she isn't, well, actually dead (or at least obliviated).

“…We’re doomed,” muttered Bon Bon.

“If we’re, uh, breaking into a casino,” cut in Starlight, “don’t you think we should, I don’t know, go to the casino and see what it’s like?”

With a couple hundred royal guards as a company.

Oh, this is going to be brilliant if you can pull it off well.


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