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A MLP: FIM/Them's Fightin' Herds Crossover.

After another magical mishap, courtesy of Starlight and Trixie, Spike ends up in the world of Fœnum. With no other alternatives, Spike must learn how to fight for himself, if he is to stand a chance to survive in a world where "survival of the fittest" takes a whole new meaning.

Meanwhile, Starlight, Trixie, and Thorax will have to work on finding an answer to bring Spike back home, before Twilight finds out.

Rated violence for the fights.

Co-Author: Needed.
Editor: Kikio3000 Needed
Proofreader: Needed.

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I am interested in this. I look forward to seeing where this goes :3

I'm curious about where this will lead.

Thorax's panic about Spike sounds like something Rarity would say

"Why is it an acorn?"
"I didn't have time to sculpt everything!"

with only two other people, there isn't much competition :rainbowwild:

.00000001% chance that they will save spike

Trixie no do math good… :trixieshiftleft:

It could be a good romance.Spike and some OC.
But what it will be?


It could be a good romance

.......Yes....good romance....if it was RATED ROMANCE!!!

Comment posted by ToffeeL deleted Feb 19th, 2018

Spike shouldn't be surprised that Arizona can talk. After all they talk MLP: FIM as shown in the episode "Applebuck Season", by extension Sheep, Deer (those of theThicket City in comics), Bulls, and Goats, (somewhat) can too. The only real difference is the lack of udders. Of which just might be a stylistic choice. Check here for more.

I know that. But keep in mind, Spike's in another world, so he doesn't know the first thing that some of the inhabitants can talk. That, and he's still a little shaken at Arizona's strength.

I really wish they bring this game on to the PS4, I would have bought it in an instant!!!

I love this so far man, keep it up!! :twilightsmile:

Still looking good.

So far, this is looking to be a pretty good story. I have to admit I HAVE been enjoying Spike's interactions with Arizona AND that rather strongly suggested incoming "initial misunderstanding scene" with Oleander sounds like it could lead to some great action . Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all quite well done in all the right places.

For some reason, I can't resist envisioning the following scenes:

1. When Spike meets Velvet, he could comment something along the lines of "For some reason, this reindeer reminds me of ANOTHER friend of mine, though SHE is only THAT haughty on her worst days."

2. Of course, when Spike meets Tianhuo, he could ask Arizona "I thought there weren't any dragons to your knowledge in this world." with Arizona admitting "Not FULL dragons anyway. She is a longma, which are horses that are PART-dragon. Besides, I might not look it, but I AM only a year old and haven't seen much of the world outside the prairies."

and 3. At an appropriate point, Spike could suggest "Wait a minute. All six of you want to save this world, right? So, how about all seven of us work together instead of compete? We can get seven times more work done in one-seventh the time and you ALL have abilities and resources that would be useful in a fight."

Then your choice of appropriate characters says "All of us work together? Where do you get a crazy idea like that?"

and Spike admitting "Partially experience in my own universe (where the vast majority of the big baddies are beaten by teamwork), partially the fact that all six of you remind me of some of my closest friends and partially from my favorite comic book, the Power Ponies."

Of course, if you don't like the ideas, I will completely understand and profusely apologize for wasting your time.

And I will still look forward to more of the story regardless.

If I didn't like your ideas then your comment would've been deleted, or received a downvote, by now.

As it so happens, you're in the ballpark.

Lots of lore copy and paste.

You need an editor fluent in English writing. There are a number of grammatical and punctuations errors, as well as word omissions.

For instance:

"Trixie! That's one of the advanced spell of all time!"

I assume you meant: 'That's one of the most advanced spells of all time!'

Spike peeked out from the book, "You can talk?"

Ok, so Spike is already from a world where the cows can talk, so this shouldn't be a surprise. Additionally, she was talking just a short time previous to this, and he clearly was in a position to hear her when she declared: "Alright, ya yellow-bellied varmints!" She began, while talking to a few wooden dummies. "Time to meet yer makers!"

See, this would only have elicited the surprised response from Spike if she'd been acting like a dumb animal when he first saw her, or was of a species of which he had no previous familiarity.

We have broken her lock, and soon enough we will break your lock so our kind may return to Fœnum, led by the most horrible of us all, THE DEVOURER.

Oh my god... Marlon Brando has come back from the dead! TO DEVOUR US ALL!! :fluttershbad:


Animaniacs was the greatest show ever. :trollestia:

Oh! Thanks for pointing those out for me.

8780788 Yeah, and very little actual story going on.

please update soon. #begging

Nice work on this so far.

Spike's in trouble now.

More story please. Lore is good, but as far as I know’s TFH’s still in early development.

Just when it gets to the juicy stuff, its over.:fluttercry:

This is looking really good

Pray tell, how specifically?

I’m currently in need of an editor, fluent in English writing, had a few grammatical, punctuation errors and a plot hole that’s recently been pointed out.

8863795 I'm liking Spike's bonding and time spent with Arizona

Great job. And Spike's going to need to learn how to defend himself otherwise he will only be a burden to Arizona.

Huh. Neat. I already have a few ideas for Spike and am now looking forward to this story even more. Somehow.

I honestly doubt she can teach him to fight very well, since she, and I assume most of the world, is accustomed to quadruped, herbivore fighting styles (more blunt force attacks) , instead of bipedal, carnivore fighting styles (killing fast and eating) , which Spike WOULD be more suited to learning, seeing how his main weapons are his claws, his fire (assuming he learns to control it in battle) , his tail (potentially) , and, arguably, his teeth (assuming his back/head spines aren't strong enough to be used as weapons) , none of which Arizona has any real equivalent to... so unless she simply gets him to find his own way of attacking and defending, teaching him anything in particular, as the standard for teaching is teaching the techniques THEY use, it would be pretty pointless... but now that I remember the previous chapters in relation to this one, it makes me wonder: is he some kind of special existence in this world? Is he the ONLY one that can "reset" to his last resting place (or however the mechanic works) ? Does the book reset as well? But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself now, since I presume your future chapters are going to address those last points.

I hope that Spike remembers his fighting lessons here in Foenum when he comes back to Equestria. As far as I know, the only ponies that can actually put up a fight if they wanted to would prolly be RD and AJ. Rarity and Fluttershy won’t fight unless as an absolute last resort, Pinkie doesn’t take anything seriously and is only powerful because of comedy and Twilight and Starlight just plain suck at close-range combat unless they use their smarts more often.

Unless there are multiple copies of a certain fighting primer, but even then. So far, only Rainbow Dash has the closest mentality to a fighter... even if DOES have an ego the size of the largest star in our universe. :ajbemused:

And all the other key seekers they'll be meeting in the future.

Thanks very much for continuing this story. The past few chapters were definitely great. The exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up were, of course, well done in all the right places. I particularly liked how Arizona and Oleander dealt with those predators.

And, yeah, I can see where Spike would be more than a bit out of his depth for the time being. I mean, yes, he was the one who beat Sombra, but he had help THERE (particularly from Cadance) and there wasn't much PHYSICAL fighting involved in THAT. And he has, by this point, beaten Garble twice, but, again, he had help both times and both of those times were also much more through wits than actual combat. So, yeah, he WILL need to learn how to fight before he can be any real help (beyond general common sense advice). But Tianhuo would probably be the best qualified of the Key Seekers to train him (not only because she is a trained and experienced soldier, but also because she is part dragon). But it will be a while before Spike meets HER, so that's a "for later" note.

Also, at this point it will take a while for Oleander to admit she and Fred made a mistake about Spike, but the upcoming fight between Arizona and Oleander should be REALLY good.

Anyway, I will DEFINITELY be looking forward to more of this, but also will respect that you DO have your own life.

Great job with Spike's training. And glad you got inspired from the anime movie. I'll admit when I first watched it I thought it was going to be something G-rated, but boy was I wrong

Ikr? Chiren went from cute and cuddly to dark and savage.

Still, it's nice to pay a homage to some of the classics.

Though, the irony here is that we have an ungulate training a predator on how to fight, rather than the other way around in the movie. Funny, ain't it?

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