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Following Twilight's coronation, Starlight suddenly finds herself owner of the Friendship Castle, and has to figure out what that means, for herself and her friends. And then an unusual changeling comes knocking at her door...

Now has a translation into Chinese, courtesy of user xieyuesanxing. Thanks much!

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She peered uneasily around at the Castle's maze-like corridors, which wound away confusingly in every direction.

Seriously we really need a sign so we can direct ourself around the castle lol

Ok so starlight Got herself a castle that's pretty cool and looks like she got An assistant a new prodigy and a friend A Changeling name Arista Pretty interesting character This was a pretty good story how she's been doing lately Along with Trixie and sunburst nice job on the story

It’ll be nice to see more of the Starlight bands adventures!

That was cute! I like the idea of Starlight having her own student/assistant like Twilight did. And I really like this named changeling; it'd be great to see more of her. :twilightsmile:

Heck yes! Are we getting another new series? What I wouldn’t give for another series from you!

Loved the ending bit, by the way. Sunburst has had to help raise Flurry Heart, so it’s no surprise he can stare down a maulwerf. :rainbowlaugh:

Ohhh wasn't expecting a canon story featuring Starlight after the whole coronation thing, plus Twilight & Spike moving out of the castle. Love how you gave here an assistant to help her through some daily stuff & possibly some school hijinks with the Young Six (if you decide to write some of those😉)

Thanks much! Yes, this is kind of an experiment, to gauge interest in post-Season-9 stories like this, since No More Letters seemed to be well-received. And I wanted to give Starlight a chance at the spotlight here, in a serious role for once, finding her place in a future where she's no longer just Twilight's backup, but has to decide for herself what she wants to be.

Interestingly, there's a canon changeling with the name Arista, but seeing it doesn't match the description of your Arista, I'm assuming that's just a nice coincidence. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, reminds me of an AU idea I had where Starlight was student to princess and had Thorax as an assistant...which obviously this is a bit different from, but reading this makes me wish I had gotten a worthwhile story to tell out of that idea all the more.

All in all, a cute fic.

Thanks much! Though I wouldn't consider a CCG naming of a background character to be truly definitive canon, it _is_ a nice coincidence! (Really, though, given how many ponies/changelings/etc. there are in the show, including background characters, are there any good names that aren't already taken?)

Sunburst returned to his role as Vice-Headmare of the Friendship School

Vice-Headstallion, you mean?


Starlight Glimmer: So, what do you think about me hiring a vice headmare to help run things?
Twilight Sparkle: I trust you to run the school any way you want. And if that means hiring a vice headmare, I think it's a great idea.
Starlight Glimmer: Well, that's not the primary responsibility of the vice headmare. But anypony is welcome to apply. I think the selection process I've come up with is pretty special.
Trixie: Albeit unnecessary. Wink!
Starlight Glimmer: Since you all have to prove you have what it takes to be vice headmare, I've designed the interview in three stages. Each stage will test a different skill the vice headmare needs. Only those who do well will move through the stages until finally the best candidate rises to the top!
Starlight Glimmer: I really appreciate your honesty, Big Mac, and you're right. Parents expect a lot of detailed communication when it comes to their kids. And if you aren't comfortable with that, vice headmare probably isn't the job for you.
Big McIntosh: Yeah, nope.


:facehoof: And Trixie found your Secret stash of Magazines
:moustache: Great
:duck: I hope for your sake it was my fashion reviews & articles
:moustache: Totally!
:trixieshiftright: Rarity's in the centerfold too
:raritywink: I certainly hope so.... I'll ring Spikey Wikeys neck if he so much as peeks at another, Gabby was bad enough!

that part about the castle changing reminded me of this funny video:

Thorax must've pulled that stunt on Sunburst quite a bit for him to have that chill a response

Pretty great story I enjoyed it

Underrated story

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