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This story is a sequel to Tantabus, Mk. II

The new and improved Tantabus has behaved itself thus far, but Luna has delayed telling Celestia about it. Until one night when it jumps into Celestia's dreams to say hi and inadvertently reveals itself. Luna must now introduce Celestia to her little bundle of self-aware psychic dream energy sooner than she imagined.

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Yay! We got more Tantabus Mk. II! :pinkiehappy:

This was fun and a bit silly, much like the last one, but I also feel like the three of them developed as characters a little bit too. I would like to see more like this, maybe a series of one-shots exploring the Tantabus' interactions with various ponies and what the waking world makes of Equestria's new princess of sweet dreams. So far it's definitely been an enjoyable Slice of Life.

Inb4 hundreds of likes

Yay for the Tantalum! !!

A wish has come true, we've gotten more Tantabus Mk. II. :rainbowlaugh: Thank you ever-so-much for writing more about it. :pinkiehappy:

Nice characterisation, maybe a bit long.

I'll say!

wlam #9 · Aug 17th, 2016 · · ·

SIGSEGV: assert(GoodExcuse) failed

If there's one thing I keep wondering about these stories, it's how many borderline or outright insulting things they keep saying about the Tantabus and how it just never takes offense. Sure, children have a different idea of what's rude, but still.

Huzzah! A sequel! Looking forward to more.
Keep up the great work. Deus tecum.

So you need to have him do something bad, even if it’s just stealing forty cakes.

Saw this line and this image popped into my head.


Also :

“Princess! What’s the baby’s name? Who’s the father?

Luna : Me!

Yay, we got more tantabus :)

Hah, nice sequel. But it makes me wonder... in the universe of this story, did a ponified Lex Luthor steal forty cakes, or did the Maniac? I must know!!


"Verily, tis not so fantastic as you think. I simply used magic to create a simulacrum with the intent of giving ponies good dreams. It attained sentience, and refers to me as its mother. "

"You... created life?"

"In a sense, yes."

I say!

Good show!

F-forty cakes?! That's as many as four tens!

7488899 That's terrible! :twilightangry2:

If I hadn't read it on TVtropes months ago, I never would've gotten the joke.

7488899 And that's terrible.

Not a bad continuation, really.

You've really nailed the character of it, I think.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Nightmare Moon disliked.

And now it make me think about when Tantabus and her cousin Cadence meet each other.

Tanty is so much fun. A little ball of trouble, just like her mother.

Ha! Part of me thinks Celestia planned for the servant to tell the press and time it for them to assault Luna with questions just as they finally she'd up. Oh Trollestia.

7488610 I just assumed it doesn't really understand that it's being insulted in the first place.

Also, everything Luna and Twilight said is perfectly reasonable from a, "Is this A.I. a person?" viewpoint. I'd expect them to say such things when considering whether something is sapient, although saying those things to that something's face is another matter entirely.

7489134 nope, Tantabus Mk. 1 disliked.

It's more things like "that's pretty deep... for you." Now there's a backhanded compliment if I've ever heard one.

7489477 How do you know? Because to me at least the most likely target for disliking would be Nightmare Moon. Mk i was destroyed before Mk ii was built.

i would have just called it Tanty.

And what the heck is camp? I had never heard that before when I read the other one, and I still haven't found an explanation.

.... XDDDD to the ending there.

Mentally, she kept punching herself. Why hadn’t she done anything about this sooner? She’d always known the truth would come out eventually, but she kept saying she’d do it tomorrow, and then tomorrow came, but then tomorrow wasn’t tomorrow, it was today, and a different day was tomorrow. Of course, today was yesterday’s tomorrow, so it was tomorrow, and it’d been tomorrow for an awful long time, and she still hadn’t done anything.

I love you.

I honestly think this would make a good episode of the actual show. Be better the the last couple of episodes we got.

I really liked the first story, and this one was fun too. The story is genre-conscious, with characters asking the kind of logical questions one would actually expect to ask a being created in this way, rather than playing dumb. I really like that about this story. That, and all the cake jokes. :trollestia:

The first one did a good job of exploring Tantabus's personality and personality quirks through the lens of others' dreams, and this one provided a nice look at its self-identity. Rejecting the idea of a name is a thought-provoking choice.

The idea that Tantabus is basically alone during the day is a bit...disturbing, given that it's already very limited in how it can interact with others during the night. It sounds like a lonely existence, even for how content it is with the role it was born into. Aside from a few lucid dreamers, it knows all of three ponies, only one of which it has a real relationship with. :applejackunsure:

Camp is over-the-top, often quite stylized, & usually in a comedic or absurd way. Rainbow Dash's dream with her fighting Twirly Mustache Sombra was rather campy. Not that that's an inherently bad thing, just that camp is usually best in moderation, as with most things.

Yaknow, I really really really want Tantabus 2.0 to become canon. It's just too perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

well this was a nice surprise to find. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that maid is so fired... :facehoof:

I FOUND THIS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, (oops case lock, ooh well to adorable for low case) i would love to see more of the Tantabus MK 2. they are quite nice, and i would also love to see ponies general reactions to them, please do more fics with this character. :pinkiehappy:

Funny and adorable all the way through.

As a certain genius mouse would say, that sure was fun-fun silly-willy!

7488636 my sides have left the universe!:rainbowlaugh:

steal forty cakes


You good Sir. get 11:moustache: out of 10:moustache: for this magnificent sequel.

So many jokes!:rainbowlaugh:
And the forty cakes joke oh man that was pure hilarity.

Defenently want more. How about a sequel with Cadence? Think of the hilarity to be had!

Great story!:twilightsmile:


When "it" introduced itself to Celestia, it could hardly speak, and barely even "sputter like a motor," yet, when they were talking about what gender it may be, it suddenly spat this out:

“Nope. I’m still a person, aren’t I? See, this is a problem with Equestrian: a lot of the nouns are gendered, and this includes the personal pronouns. There’s just no way to talk about an unspecified somepony without making an assumption, while in, say, Zebran, almost all nouns and pronouns are gender-neutral by default and they even use the same pronoun for ‘he’ and ‘she’ so you can easily talk about someone without knowing if they’re a stallion or a mare and then you get into gendered languages like Reinish where inanimate objects have gender so…”

So...she does...but doesn't know how to speak? She even said she isn't good with the talking thing yet, so it wasn't just for that situation she couldn't speak right.

I wonder if anybody besides me noticed this...


At first I was confused by this. Being a watchMARE she would have to be a mare, but has no gender, but this is probably an existing term in which it uses since it has the general sharp of a mare.

Correct, am I not?

That's as much as four tens. And that's terrible.

I love you right now. Twas hilarious and tear-jerking at the same time! :twilightsmile:

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