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When Twilight received a letter from Luna informing her of Princess Celestia's death, she had no idea what to expect. However, nothing could have prepared her for what followed.

Written for the 13th F*** This Prompt contest.

Special thanks to fourths for editing.

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Please do more death humor! Love that genre. GOt ideas if you want them

The concept has been done before but is always fun


7484490 Wow! That was yours? :))) I remember reading it last year :D Huge thanks! It's great :)

Now I'm no longer sure if my idea wasn't a memory... :(


Oh hells bells, a new contest already?

7484499 You know that I checked the comment section of this story just to see if you'd pop up?

Is it wrong I want to see this story continued so we can see Twilight driven crazy by Celestia's antics?

Unedited raw?

I'm supposed to babysit Princess a celestial for two months?"

You accidently a few word

7484507 Must’ve been subconscious inspiration.

On a side note, are you sure it was last year? The comic in question was posted three months ago. :derpytongue2:

I really hope there's more. This is too cute!

Amusing Lise, very nice. :twilightsmile:

Dangit Lise stop adding more to my Read Later shelf.

Oh this so needs to follow babysitter Twilight and filly Celestia's adventure.

OK that comic is hilarious and I wish to see more of big sister Luna.

That was silly. You’re silly. Well done. :eeyup: :moustache:


That was fun, although I feel like Luna is way too bothered by this whole thing. After all, she has important business to take care of to keep the government running without her sister around, so she obviously doesn't have time to deal with her sister and will have to leave that critical task to another princess who doesn't have any major duties at the moment. :trollestia::twilightoops:

Also, I really want to see you have some fun continuing this timeline. After all, Spike and the rest of Twilight's friends still don't know what is going on which is sure to be a fun introduction, and I'm sure there will be all kinds of shenanigans in the near future as Twilight tries to take care of filly Celestia. And then there's Discord. :rainbowlaugh:

Pfft, hahah, a continuation of that would be awesome.

Wait, now I wonder if Chryssie deals with that the same way... I pity the changelings that have to care for her during that. :rainbowlaugh:

Princess Celestia must die a heroic death speared through the heart by the G1 Tirek's Darkness Drill Technique while desperately holding a shield in place to delay the Grimdark version of the G1 Smooze to allow Twilight to activate the Mirror Network so Equestria's citizens and creatures could flee to a world of relative safety.

Twilight yanks Celestia through at the last moment so they can all gather around for her soulful death monologue, ending on a note of hopefulness and synched to that one really tearful song from Doctor Who, and then she dies and her mane slowly morphs to lifeless pink hair and her wings blow away while everypony sobs bitterly.

And her last feather blows into Discord's paw as he sits in the dungeons of Midnight Castle, his heart filled with regret at betraying the ponies... again.

The audience dehydrates from shedding so many manly tears and the movie theaters make lots of evil capitalist profits from the increased soda sales.


"Yes. A very long time. Enough for any creature to become insane."

So... how do we explain the ones that are born nuts?

Like meeeeeeee.... :pinkiecrazy:

7486309 Nah she probably creates a back up body using her sex magic...the transfers her memories via hivemind...

This was an easy read, and a little funny. I have to say I was originally very put off by the "Unedited Raw" marker. I automatically assumed this would be terribly written because of it. I would advise not adding those in the future.

7486338 That'd work too.

7486342 Agreed :o

This was overall a rather entertaining read, too. Normally you see baby Woona - so rarely do you see baby Cewwy.

7484490 Omg, that was so adorable!!! I love it! :raritystarry:
Random mustache! :moustache:

Aww...and here I was thinking that this was a fic in which Celestia turns out to be a Time Pony! You know, like how Time Lords are all human?

Continuation and proper story!? :D

when's the sequel about those two months coming out?

Your writing's pretty good, but I feel like you're comitting one of the more common problems I see with fics:

You had an interesting premise, you set it up well... and then the fic ended before you did anything with it.

I am left on my hunger.

An entertaining concept, but it feels more like a first chapter than a complete story. Which is a backhanded way of saying I'd like to see more.

That being said, sunrises are probably going to be shaky for the next few days...

"But it's my sun!"
"Not until you show you can handle it responsibly, young filly."
"But it's mine!"

Oh, and best of luck in the contest.

Where can you find that prompt?


You know, like how Time Lords are all human?


7486909 There is kinda a point there, every time lord I know of appears human.

7486964 They came first. We appear Time Lord.

Well, that was fun-been done before admittedly (although I can't for the life of me remember where...), but it's got its own thing going, and I'd love to see more of this.

7487011 Basically the same thing, we both look like the other.

7487105 Morphic Field Resonance. A common excuse for why most aliens look like humans with funny ears and foreheads, or even appear fully human-like. :D

Sorry. You're later comment about this was better. We resemble Time Lords. IN DOCTOR WHO CANON, ANYWAYS. Which I thought it was pretty sure that A: I had a perfectly good grasp of, and B: I wasn't referring to it when I made that comment.

"That's because I had died a few days earlier... Well, a thousand years and a few days earlier." She winced as she said it. "One of the problems with being reborn is that we tend to be overly emotional, as you've seen with Tia here. At the time I was upset that more ponies liked her than me. Tia told me to grow up."

So tia was being her usual B*&^% self

LOVED THE STORY! Are we going to get a story of the misery baby tia gonna cause?

"Two... months." Twilight's wings and ears drooped down. "I'm supposed to babysit Princess a celestial for two months?"

:twilightsmile: "Ya know what? Let's get Pinkie to take care of it. She's great with kids. If Pinkie can handle the Cake Twins, I'm sure she can deal with a mini Celestia."
:trollestia: *runs along the walls while playing with the sun like it was a yo-yo* "Thy pwincess demands all the cake in exchange fo' the sunlight!"

:pinkiesad2: "Oh Faust, why has thou forsaken me?"

7484522 :D Thanks.

7484531 How time flies :)

7484575 7485084 7485593 7486283 7486309 7486577 7486720 7486813 7486828 7487018 7487244

:) You've convinced me. *weeps* There will be a continuation. After the contest I'll polish this (thanks Palm Palette!) and add more chapters. :D


Sorry. I have this condition of submitting hours/minutes from the deadline (and thus with only a quick self editing pass). :(
That's why I mark the chapters as unedited raw, since it hasn't passed external check (and only a very basic check on my part:)

7485026 I had this memory of reading the comic round Christmas... My memories are confuzzled. :(

7485284 :D Thanks, Snow :)) Filly Celestia forever! (Literally :P)

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