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Trying to patrol the dreams of every pony in Equestria can be stressful. To ease her burden, Luna retools the Tantabus to turn nightmares into good dreams instead of vice versa. Aware of her mistakes from last time, she tests it out thoroughly, making sure there are no unexpected behaviors. And as far as she can tell, there are none.

Except that it's started calling her "Mom".

Faced with the prospect of possibly creating life, Luna seeks out Twilight's advice and assistance. With a little luck, they can get this all sorted out before the sun rises.

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Comment posted by Revan deleted Feb 18th, 2016

i would think that would have disturbed them a t least a little.

I think you should have started with Luna making Tantibus Mk2 though odd she is still calling it Nightmare.

Okay, cute touch on the last dream with the flamethrower :twilightsmile:

No! Her chops are too righteous! The helmets can't handle this level of Rainbooms and Rock and Roll!
Karen, do something!

I really like where it looks like this story is going. And it's well written too.

As Twilight left the dream, the last thing she heard was Rainbow Dash yelling, “Burn, you stupid flowers! Buuuuuuuuurn!”

Ah, what a perfect ending.

Although, I will now and forever more remember Sombra with only the most fabulous of mustaches.

Anyway, I definitely want to see where this goes: only two chapters in and I'm already hooked.

A little more G rated than my approach, but well worth it. Looking forward to this as it unfolds.

Kill it with fire Rainbow!

Cute, well written, funny, short enough to read during lunch break at work.

Like and fave.

Heh, Rainbow Dash's dreams are always awesome. Interesting idea- Luna accidentally ends up with a child (?), but exposing a new entity to all of Equestria's dreams... well, we'll see how it ends up. Given the current tone, I hope it ends well, seems like quite a nice story so far.

Bucking great!!! Plus BOOO to the down voter!

The Tantabus is adorable. Just adorable. I look forward to this story continuing.

This will be interesting.

:rainbowlaugh: The dragon with the overblown Trottingham accent was hilarious.

and the group, sans Fluttershy, was back outside of the latter’s dream.

Watching Undertale stuff and saw that.

It looks amazing. I like hearing the tantabus.

*Sees in featured box*
Luna accidentally creates a daughter? That's something I want to read.

I actually had a similar idea to this once, but it was more about how the original Tantabus came to be, and why it eventually decided to leave for other dreams and how it grew intelligent and such. While Luna only intended for it to torture her, the Tantabus itself realized it wanted to help Luna, and therefore what happened in the show eventually occurred.

But this, is so much better. Nice one.

Someone link me to that slow clap gif.

I need to use it to express my admiration for this magnificent story.

Your story is good, but it has one problem. A big problem. A Huge problem. You didn't give it the comedy tag. It's quite funny, so it could use one. I suppose the story could become less funny later, but what you have so far might be primarily comedic in nature.

“I need you to tell me how to be a mom!”

Funny I actually thought of this when read that qoet from Luna.

“Oh, that’s it? Pfft. I could do that in my sleep.”

Um, you're in the dreamscape, you kinda, sorta, already are asleep. I know this sorld is your entire existence so you're always kind of asleep, but yeah you get what I'm saying.

Neat story. However, I think it should have a bit more tags, like maybe Comedy, Slice of Life(the fic feels like it might be a slice of life kind of fic), alternate universe(maybe you can wait on that one until we see what happens later on in the fic), random(I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of random moments in this fic, considering Sombra's overstylized Stalinstache, the princesses jumping to RD's feet all of a sudden, and the sheet of metal getting unlodged out of the dragon's throat), and maybe mystery(I mean, it is a mystery as to how the new Tantabus gained sapients, and I think you could even add more mysteries to the fic.) I also think you should add Luna, Twilight, and OC/Other to the main character list, just to show readers who the main characters are. Other than that, this fic is coming along well.

"What you do is rather smashing."

Along with the accent, this exact line made me think the dragon was Nigel Thornberry. :rainbowlaugh:

...Fluttershy had somehow inserted herself into their circle. She was looking around at them with big, curious eyes and was in the middle of calming a jackalope down with repeated head-rubs.

Is that a reference from That 70's Show? :rainbowderp:

That flame thrower ending earned you a thumbs-up. :rainbowlaugh:

6952017 It's a good stache, but Sombz still can't top Gud Ol' Joe-Stalin's stache. :eeyup:

The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows.

And you know, saying that title makes it sound like I forgot the title.

I got a serious Spongebob Movie vibe from the helmets.

Yeah, like that.

Oh that ending. Never change Rainbow :rainbowlaugh:

There is nothing that can't be made better by the addition of a flamethrower.

I thought this was ponies, not pokemon XD

Rainbow Dash smirked. “Damn straight.” She gripped Sombra by the tail and, with a single mighty heave, flung him into the stratosphere, where he vanished with a visible, audible twinkle. Ting.

Arent, we, unbearably cute!

6954096 Team Sombra is blasting off agaaaaaaaain!!!

Comment posted by Draco Dei deleted Jan 10th, 2017

I do not need to read the story in order for it to be in my favorites.

The description itself is more than enough evidence for such a turn of hilarity!

Very interesting indeed!

In a way, Tantabus Mark II (bet that Pinkie will give him/her a nickname soon enough) is very similar to the Machine of "Person of Interest": both where created for automated purposes, but since it need that they understand the ponies/people around them, they have to be smart like them, much for the surprise of their creators (Luna for Tantabus II, Finch for the Machine)... And the Machine revealed to be completely benevolent, so there is hope for the Tantabus... :twilightsmile:

I wonder Celestia's reaction to the Tantabus: maybe she got annoyed at Luna and Twilight... for don't tell her that she is an aunt now! :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

This is a really good story!!!!! Keep working on it!!!:pinkiehappy:

6953422 No. It was called Tantabus, a slight deliberate mispelling of the Latin word for 'nightmare'.

As for the story itself I really like this. The Tantabus is adorably cute even for an 'it'. Its methods of improving dreams is great: Mustache-Sombra (Half expected it to be King Sombrero) and giving Rainbow Dash the flamethrower. Technically the flower-flamethrower world can be argued as it having already made a dream from scratch though.

I just wonder what it gains its power from, if this one can get strong at all in the way its predecessor did. If it could escape into reality, what amount of magic would it have? Could it reality twist like Discord, or would it just be able to put people to sleep and such?

And even more... does it have a concept for 'enough is enough' or is it going to give everyone good dreams, all the time... even if they're supposed to be awake? I feel Luna would be competent enough to account for that, but she's only human pony.

Every time I the Tantabus speaks, I keep hearing my little sister.

6953878 Weird; I could've SWORN I put in Twilight reacting to that line with a "Wah wah waaaaaaah." right before I posted this chapter. It's since been added in.

"Burn, you stupid flowers! Buuuuuuuuurn!”

Okay, I'm happy that I will never have to encounter rainbow dash in a dream. One exception , though. If I had a flamethrower too....


can't breathe... wheezy laugh... too many...

You slay me.

Next chapter required. System overload. Require next chapter.

Good story! I really like it so far, and definitely will watch for more of this series! :pinkiesmile:

When it reformed, the Crystal Empire had been replaced by a sunlit field of happy flowers singing a song. We are such happy flowers, we will now sing for hours…

Rainbow Dash screamed. “What’re you doing?! This isn’t a good dream! This is a nightmare! This-”

And then she noticed the flamethrower nozzle strapped to her hoof.

The cackle she released as she ignited it would’ve rivaled the Mane-iac’s.

For some reason after reading these lines I just thought of this video

Also it's nice seeing Rainbow getting revenge against the flowers

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