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Just some dork in New England learning to dream again.

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The internet knows me these days as Icarus. I like cheese. Hence the username. (avatar courtesy of the lovely Unofficial-Underfell on tumblr)

I have a very boring job where I am frequently bored. I fill the bored space with strange tales and dumb ideas. Many involve ponies. I have recently begun actually writing them, and enjoy the process. Unfortunately, I suffer from mild perfectionism and more ambition than skill. The result is me beating my face on the kitchen table while a story languishes on the white screen before me.

To help my writing process and help prevent further bodily harm, I need help in the form of feedback. Even if I do not respond I truly appreciate every comment I receive, even the silly ones. If you are interested in more in delivering in-depth feedback please message me.

Thanks for dropping by!


SWEET JEEBUS Y'ALL! · 7:37am Dec 4th, 2015

Is there ANY 'Southern' USAmerican dialect that uses y'all in the singular? I know in MLP y'all gets used in the singular on a regular basis. Having extended family all over the Carolinas, I have some exposure to country talk. I also know y'all is plural and that the singular I most encounter is 'ya' or 'you'.

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Thanks for the fave on The Crystal and the Mirage.

2066261 :D (obviously a RSE nuzlocke)

2066137 Only the cutest!

it's from a nuzlocke titled "Alterity", a very good one but it hasn't updated in ages. Though four days ago a tentative announcement was made that they would be returning soon with a regular update schedule.

OH BOY!!!!! A CUTE-LOOKING DUSTOX!!!! *glomps*

Hello again! Thanks so much for adding my story Every Little Bit to your Favorites bookshelf... but especially for the Watch! I'll do what I can to continue to deserve it.:twilightsmile:

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