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I see you quiver with antici...

Abandoned Stories

Stories that I've started or written, and just never got around to finishing. Maybe I'll pick them back up someday, maybe I never will.

Accidental Soulmates
Taken from another of Rated Ponystar's adoption blogs. Abandoned because it got too cloppy, and then someone else adopted it as well.

Originally written for an Authors Helping Authors contest, but it never got finished and then it just collected dust. Abandoned because I just couldn't connect all the scenes.

Rainbow Dash Doesn't Attend High School
My take on the Pony on Earth genre. Abandoned (although I really liked the ending idea and little humanized Fluttershy) because I realized that one time through high school was enough.

The One
Originally my take on the movie The One, it somehow morphed into a Chrysalis redemption fic that had no idea where it was going.

I may not reply to every comment, but I read and appreciate each one.
Feel free to add my stories to any groups I missed!

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The Plan · 4:11pm Wednesday

I swear, I had like a chapter in my head; and all I got written was one line, an updated description for one character, and two things of dialogue.

Ah, well. It was for an alt-universe story I can’t seem to kickstart the conflict to, anyway.

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Thanks for following the devolopment of my story!

...Nice userpage you have here. Your "crackshipping"-gif came up "Trixie/Derpy". :trixieshiftright:

Reminds me of a piece of art I did of Trixie and Derpy becoming an alicorn.

An alicorn. :derpytongue2:

Hey thanks for adding my story to your library! Hope I don't disapoint you :twilightsmile:

Send me an invite when you do

Not quite. Adda did a little digging and it seems the owner deleted it. No idea why. I was going to remake the group and do invitations and everything last weekend, but I got busy. :ajsleepy: But soon! It will rise again.

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