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Changeling Cuddlers, Shifter Seducers, 'Ling Lovers, If you are a fan of romance with changelings, you are welcome.

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Uhhh, does the OCxling folder fit if the oc is a ling as well? Hard to tell. XD

Where do I file a Spike ship with the Changeling?

I had no idea this had as many people in it as it does...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

:pinkiesmile: From time to time, I pair up Changelings with Ponies or other Changelings.

:heart: There is room for plenty of fun and joy here, thus I will keep coming back with both stories and oppinions.

356898 This is a reasonable idea, a great combination of words in order to spread more joy.
It may have been created before, under this, similar or other names. Groups come and go for various reasons.

359878 If the story is fit for the group, it means you still can submit it. If and when you feel it is right, feel free to let us see it here.

363985 Interesting illustration.

Wait, I didn't submit my story here... that means... :yay:

In all actuality, I was quite surprised when I found out that nobody made a group named 'Changeling Cuddlers' before I did. You would think it would have been made ages ago, since so many people use the term.

Changeling Romances? I'm in.
I think i happen to have a seriece that may just fit right in here too.
352006 it wouldn't? I'll still slip right into the ranks, right there with you.
352022 your little group just got the 23th member.
time to rejoyce. and stories will soon fill p your glous library too.

354167 changeling and pony romance themed. Make sure it is SFW,but beyond that, you have free reign.

354046 So, anything in mind what it should look like? I haven't exactly made a cover art / avatar before.

Read about my roommate's freaky dream (here)

If you're still looking for group artwork, I might be able to look into that. Mind you I'm not that good, and since I'm working on a rather big project I probably won't get to it in the next couple weeks, but in ~4 weeks, I probably could do that.

Here is some of my art.

352027 Oh, well okay. TBH it is not really a high priority thing. Also, I am surprised nobody took the group name 'Changeling Cuddlers' before I did.


Try asking in some of the other changeling groups, you may find an artist who does draw changelings.

Hell, i'm the wrong person to ask, I just pull images off google.

352025 Oh, well, I could look for an artwork group and ask them, but I try to avoid going through the big groups like that, I usually go to people directly.


You misunderstand.

They don't draw these images themselves, they just pull them from the void that is the internet. Try asking in the art for fanfiction group, they're listed in the recommended groups on your group page.

352023 Well, if you can, could you see if they could do a SFW cover art and group avatar?


I already have a few people who dedicate their time to send me at least one explict changeling image via PM every day.

I do not need more, I never wanted one to begin with.

Wow, in less than 4 hours, this group has gained 4 members. I am a bit surprised really...

I do need artwork for this group, if anyone can make some, it would be greatly appreciated.

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