"Ponies for the Ethical Treatment of Changelings" or PETC stands for the promotion of stories with good, well behaved, reformed or misunderstood changelings as the main character(s). PETC will not tolerate bad behavior from the main changeling character(s), this rule excludes background/rival changelings.

If there are any folders that need to be added just PM Tattered Ribbon or an admin.

Rules for posting stories will be updated on a regular basis.
1) Stories most be added to the "All stories" folder and any other appropriate folders.
2) Any and all dark, grim or disturbing content must be add to the 'Grimdark' folder
3) Evil main character(s) should be added to the 'Antagonist' folder
4) Clopfics are to be added to the 'Clopfics' folder and no other including the 'All stories' folder.
4.1) Clopfics meaning one-shots and full stories that have clop in every other chapter. Stories with clop or link to clop are OK as long as thy deal with the romantic side and can be posted in the 'Clopfics' folder, and follow rule 1.
5) Canceled or dropped stories about a year old are added to the 'Broken gems' folder and not the 'All stories' folder, or any other. (If you can.)

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I have a story that has dark elements to it but I would not call it grimdark. Where should I put it?

Hi, I'm new here, and I was wondering if somepony could read the first chapter of my story and maybe give some advice.
Still, I'm glad to be here.

omg prepare for bad pun

because everyone deserves a little love

I'm wolf demon but changling (the reformed and or non hostile at least) deserve some form of ethical and/or humane treatment, if not violence shall ensure

Canary wakes up in a dank prison cell, far from the sun. A batpony regime had brainwashed her fellow pegasi into believing they couldn't fly. After meeting a changeling guard, Canary finds an escape.
FLIGHT follows the rebellion against the bats, exploring themes of Truth, Depression, Revenge, and Love!
Click here to read the story!
</Shameless Self-Promotion>

As a perfectly normal pony, for perfectly normal pony reasons, I feel ethically compelled to add my voice to this group's pro-changeling message.

Holy crap, story spam by Lord Despair.

We need more multi-hive stories...

(Now if only I could actually keep going with a storyline after a few chapters...)

348209 If it's so popular, THEN WHY DON'T YOU CONTINUE IT?!?!?!?! *Get's right up in your face* HUH!?!?!?!

*Yanks StarChaser back* Sorry about that... He does have a point though...

Hi! I'm a changeling by the name of Violet Sky! But you all can call me Auxiliary!

Ack. I suppose Of Responsibility's a bit of a touchy one, hmm? Chrysalis is not strictly evil in my story, but she's certainly got a lot of issues to work out, along with some general blue and orange morality with the Changelings as a whole, some of which is not changed... Still, could I add it?

hi all.
just added a story, hope I added it to the right folders, since it feels a bit fuzzy on how to know where to place the stories.


Thanks again, you have been linked


Who made it?

Me, I just edited some of my older versions of the cover art and smoothened out a few rough patches, then added tears and text.
Not much. :derpytongue2:

Edit: 1000x250px
also who made it?

The sizing is wrong!
Give me a sec...

Cool thanks, but I need a URL to use it.

Never mind I got it.
and the limit for banners are 1000x250px

Got bored.
Found this post.
If it's the wrong size just say and I can fix it up.

Shouldn't the first rule for posting stories say "incomplete" or am I just a little bit dumb?

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