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A group dedicated to the superhero team of Maretropolis! Whether you prefer the Mane Six version:

...Or the original group from the comics:

Each with their own special abilities, this group of super-powered ponies will do everything they can to save Maretropolis from The Mane-iac's henchmen, and the forces of evil!

It's time to Power Pony up!!!

Fili-Second: Ooo! Nice catch phrase!!

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What would the power ponies do if they meet this villaini.pinimg.com/originals/48/13/31/481331d87de35e3396455e5d538d47f2.jpg this is timetagger from the future who uses a spray paint can gun to send his victims back to the past and he can travel through time

For those that not might know. I delete my versions of the Power Ponies. I didn't like how they look, and the beginnings of each one started to come off as bad to me. I plan on rewriting them one day. But as of now, I deleted them.

I love this episode!

Hi don't know if anyone reads these but I'm thinking of doing a story set in a (mane six) power ponies universe and I was wondering if someone could tell me about that universe

406911 There's no reason why not.
Until then, stories can just be added under the individual characters' folder.

Just thought I'd ask. Thanks for answering. Though I have to ask, for those that do ship the Power Ponies, shouldn't a folder for that be made?

405792 Well that would depend upon which universe you were writing for.
If in your case, you write the Mane 6 as being the Power Ponies, then you could post the story here and on the separate shipping group, etc.
If you keep the Power Ponies separate from the Mane 6 characters, then just because you ship two mane 6 characters, doesn't necessarily mean the PP counterparts are shipped; unless of course, you wanted to.

I hope that answers your question. :applejackunsure:

Um, I have a question. Since the Power Ponies are superhero versions of the Mane Six, would pairing stories between them go here or in the respective ship group?

I just noticed the shape of the Power Ponies' tower.


Deception might like this...

384636 Mlp meets Transformers. Or better yet, the Power Ponies meet Aligned Grimloc. Cause than Saddle Rager could show him how she deals with anger.

383429 Rainbow Dash wearing a Thor costume

Four words: Flutterhulk is now canon. How can MLP get any better than that?

some think that they are like the Power Rangers and yet I see that some of them have the powers of the Justice League (excluding Fluttershy and possibly Rainbow Dash)

Hey! I start on my own Power Ponies stories too. I got Zapp up to Radiance. All of them minus Zapp, only has one chapter up. (Zapp has two) I'm trying to start Masked Matter Horn. (By the way I'm use the Mane Six) But I have a bit of a problem. I need a way for Twilight to be come an Alicorn because none of the team members have met each other yet.

Needs some Masked Matter-Horn clopfic.

8 weeks? Not very active around here.
But I've been thinking of writing the Power Ponies meet the Uncanny X-Mares, but can't decided if Storm should be a unicorn or a pegasus. Any ideas?

Waluigi is in the group. the group is now good.
You aren't, i'm just using WAAAAAAAAAAAAALUIGI too!

I just started writing a Power Ponies story, and I'm having a blast writing it, I'm hoping our heroes get more popular as time goes on!

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