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Welcome to Daring Do and Ahuizotl!

This is the group for any fanfictions starring both Daring Do and Ahuizotl as main characters! Feel free to add any fics you like that fit this very simple requirement. Simply add to any folders to which your fic applies! :twilightsmile:

Bonus points to anyone who can pull off a shipping with this pairing, by the way! :rainbowkiss:

My, what sharp teeth you have...

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Ahhh such a group i'm laughing just by the knowledge of being one!

Hey, I voice Ahuizotl in the audio drama "Daring Do Adventures." If anyone needs an Ahuizotl voice, feel free to contact me.

Yayyy! I'm soooooooo big fan of Daring Do and Ahuizotl!!
How interesting.... -_-
Sorry for the stupid comment xD

YES! A group where I can fanspazz over Daring Do with other people!

That cover image. :rainbowlaugh:

"You are so small. Is funny to me."

Their hybrid will be hideous/glorious.


Sadly not. :fluttercry:

But I know that, following the recent episode, several are in the works. :twilightsmile:

so is there any ship of these two?

339638 Yeah, I never thought I'd be a firm supporter of a crack shipping... then DarZotl came along.:pinkiecrazy:

What we do for our friends?

We join a group dedicated to the most cracked pair in existence! :pinkiecrazy:


No. The entire story should star around Daring Do and Ahuizotl as main characters.


I've split the NSFW folder into two parts, so if your fic is mature rated, it ends up in there. (and no where else, please)

Whoo-hoo, now I'll have a place to post my DarZotl fic when it's done!:pinkiehappy:


If it involves both Daring Do and Aruizotl, then that's fine.

Whether it would fit into a dark folder or whether I should I create a grimdark folder is open to debate.

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