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Should I...? · 6:15pm Nov 13th, 2015

Considering the new Story Categories, do you readers think I should change Her Destiny's current Categories (Sad, Adventury and Alt. Universe)?

Tragedy and Mystery could fit well with the plot, I guess.

What do you guys think?

While at it, the current ones are good enough to describe the story?

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Dammit why you gotta be dead

Been a long time old friend, how have you been?

Hope you're doing all right.:)


I've given it some thought, but I'm admin for a lot of groups and I won't be happy until I continue these stories.

Naaah... That's alright I guess. I will take it over one day, when I have more time to write. Right now, I have something between 1 to 2 hours to write once in a week; no way I could keep two stories being published.

I was actually thinking you were going to quit fimfic due to how active you are IRL (which is awesome BTW). It's good to hear you are still around. :scootangel:

  • Viewing 215 - 219 of 219
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