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If you like dramatic duels, insane battles, and consuming conflict, Pony Combat is for you. May the best fighter win! Changeling, Griffin, Zebra, and etc all are welcomed. Pegasi Lancers, Unicorn Mages, Earth Pony infantry, and even airships, it's time to build your army. Who said conflict did not solve problems!

Fight scenes are the cheddar to any good action movie. However too much cheddar leads to the fat disease. Aside from just fighting we want to focus on making scenes that makes us care why they're fighting.

Can violence be beautiful? Is combat an art like any other? When we have no other choice, is it still wrong? These questions and many more are for the sages and ages to debate.

The banner art featured characters are as follows;
Reagle and Zaza are from Zig Zag Love

Husk is from Hole Hearted

Leaf Wind is from a yet to be released story.

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352016 Nope just a mockup I made using my original characters.

I wish it were though! :fluttercry:

I also wish Fighting is Magic wasn't canceled by Hasbro.

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