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Ever wonder what Meeester does in his free time? Or how Regidar is so tame and chill all the time? Or, ever wonder who or what Happy is on multiple occasions, driving you into insanity to believing Happy is a Spirit of Despair?

Place all your creative speculations here!

Think of it like your own Library to place your thoughts of FiMFiction's strange existence and how/why it's stood so perfectly in order for so long (not with me here, at least, my dear Lambdadeltas)...

But, in order for this to be a successful group, we must go over some very important rules.

This is not for RP purposes. If I catch you, there'll be more to fear than a mod coming for your ass, mate.

I don't care if you make an entire Bible of FiMFiction mythology. Since it's meta and can't be published anyway, don't ask me or any other group mods to make a story folder. Sorry if you wanted your edgy FOE fic to be here. It may go in the Historically Correct Version of this group, The History. Other than that, I don't suggest bothering us about how the rules on meta fics and what is allowed with story publishing and all that. I'd say it'd take a miracle for one of those to pass submission, eh?

This is a group for mythological histories of users which has never happened. Of course, the probabilities of someone making a meta theory completed biased on hatred and spite (cough, cough, Foal Free Press, cough cough) without me telling you that it is not allowed and strictly disapproved by I myself is highly likely to happen. Keep your beef out of this group. Don't be afraid to post what you like, however, this rule does not mean you cannot theorize Meeester picks on kindergartners in his spare time. Confused on as to what the limitations to this rule are? Why don't you post a theory and find out?

It's fun to pretend, ain't it? So don't RP.

Did I say that rule already? Dear me, I appear to be quite paranoid, eh? My goal is to make YOU feel that way, dear member.

Yes, I am subject to this group and its theories as well. Go right ahead and give it your best punch.

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That rule about no baseless hate theories? Can it not apply to me? I want some terrible cruel rumors about me floating around that I can add to my mythology :rainbowkiss: Let the conspiracies begin!

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