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I am but a humble weaver of words hoping to expand the loom of understanding. What are we but strings in a greater fabric?


Den is a pegasus vice captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard. Echo is a high class infiltrator of the reviled changeling race. Can their love flourish in an Equestria under threat? Which bounds are stronger love or loyalty? What dark designs lurk in the backdrop? Romance, adventure, and the search for universal truth!

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Executive Editor- the awesome BitAcoustic
Editor- the wondrous The 11 Wonder
Art by yours truly!

Character Cast
Dented Armor “Den”
A pegasus with a penchant for reading, an intellectual, he is the new model of an Equestrian officer matching brains with brawn. Love and loyalty compels him however soon he will find the two under conflict.
??? “Echo”
A changeling who survived Canterlot, her role may have been more than that of a simple soldier in the events preceding and those that will come after. She carries the burden of people’s plight and the secret dream of all changelings.
Blueberry Frost “Blue”
An earth pony whose steadfast resolution and stubbornness won her an officer’s position. She tackles problems and foes head on.
Answering directly to Queen Chrysalis, Amorpheus is fiercely loyal and devoted to his people. Entrusted protector and guardian of Echo he wishes one day to see her fulfill her role.
Reagle Hawkmor
Heir to the Griffin Kingdom, he embodies the pride of his people as their warrior prince. His noble inclinations though may come counter to the direction of his nation.
Zaza Zakar
A Zebra mare, she is Reagle’s partner in battle and outside of it. From the Zerker school of combat, she is deadly opponent. She is the more level headed of the odd couple.
Reagle and Zaza have their own story. Zig Zag LoveClick to visit.


Chapters (18)
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Arrrrggh! Feels cliffhangers every time!

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Spoiler comments have been deleted. Please refrain in the future from spoiling the fun for your fellow readers. Much Thanks and love!

I've been trying to slow down... alas my reading/writing experience is with Shakespeare sooo it makes my work dialogue heavy. Combine this with my hatred of describing door knobs and my impatience with needless filler I suppose this style is my voice. Thanks for your thoughts everyone, I will try to counterbalance this later on and in revisions but I'm need of an editor so stretched thin as I am... I'm going to just focus on getting my story out there for now. I have the entire story line plotted out. :twilightblush: I"m curious also as to your thought concerning the story, elements, characters, and etc.

P.S. I'm still looking for a special somepony editor. I can draw you an OC pony as a reward but I'd rather be that your love of writing that compels ya. :twilightsmile:

2530348 I'd be happy to edit anytime you don't even need to draw me anything <- that's my OC

Short Biographies of the Main OC characters with portraits have been added to the description. Expand to see for yourself! :raritywink:

Blueberry Frost needs more love. I'll draw her next when I'm not busy.

To see mo art! Visit me!
click me!

*Waits like a patient well-mannered person for the next chapter*

I was hooked on this story even before I ever finished the first chapter! I genuinely enjoy your story and believe that it doesn't get the attention it rightfully should be receiving.

2562034 Thanks that makes feel that I'm doing something right. :heart: Anyway, other writers have alot more stories therefore chances to get on the feature box. However I don't believe putting more fishing lines in the water is necessarily the best policy (ethically). I think my play like Shakespearean styles also is a barrier for some people who didn't like olde William as much as I.

Anywhoo... stay tuned. I have planned another grand epic involving our favorite Griffin and Zebra couple. It'll be a sidestory and prequel to Hole Hearted however that doesn't mean the stakes are any lower. :twilightsmile:

really good story keep it up :pinkiehappy:

Hiya everyone, the prequel/sidestory involving Reagle and Zaza is now up.
Zig Zag Love Pay a visit and don't forget to like! :twilightsmile:


Shakesprearian, eh? If my backlog wasn't so large I would see what you mean. As a fan of The Bard and others of the Elizabethan/Jacobean period I draw much from them. My Luna speaks as one from the period.

2579884 I'm less obsessed over Shakespeare's "thou" and "thine". Elizabethan English is most boss but gets confusing at times. I prefer Shakespeare's style more and his rich dialogue. Think upon it. Shakespeare had very little of an effects budget. The form of Shakespeare we're given is essentially a dialogue. He let story and characters compel. From just several conversations you can infer that Shakespeare's characters are real people each with motivations of their own. Also Shakespeare pioneered the anti-villian, :rainbowkiss: Richard III. Even had Chaucer's Canterbury's tales were finished, I still would look fondly at Will.

Good fellow I like the cut of your jib. You seem like a quality sort.

That fedora at the end...:fluttercry:

dat ending. WHY. WHY?! D:

-reads on-

Just a little more descriptive will do. 1 - 3 sentences describing the place will help xD

P.S. Favorited, and you get a shout-out on my page because this is good. Really. Really. Good.

2597343 Thank ye kindly for your support! I hope everyone can help spread the word. It lets me know I'm going in the right direction. :twilightsmile:

2588644 Yeah I feel bad that I haven't the time to do more illustrations. Amorpheus at least deserved an a nod. His name is a combination of amorphous (shapeless) and morpheus (greek god of dreams). He's a cameo character from my non pony related work. I write many stories and sometimes my characters jump through worlds.

wait im confused. how did zaza and reagle reconnect with each other? Last i recalled, they're in some frozen wasteland o.o

2617867 Read Chapter 7 more closely Reagle details his plan.

Comment posted by IceQB deleted Jun 7th, 2013

k now finish the story. PLEASE.

2618393 If you're looking for something to do in the mean time try reading my other story. Zig Zag Love It features Reagle and Zaza's crazy adventures.

Hey everyone! Blueberry Frost now haz love! She's fully illustrated in her gleaming armor!

Master Amorpheus commands you to love Hole Hearted! He has been illustrated and his portrait added to the roster.

Comment posted by Enderstorm deleted Jun 29th, 2013

2695478 Ah comfort food, where would we be without you? A full stomach can distract from an empty heart. :twilightsmile:

Sir you are the master of OC's. This, like all the other fics of your's I've read, is great. Approved for Twilight's Library :scootangel::raritywink:

I'm glad to see someone else who takes note and interest in battle tactics.

All I can say is wow.

2782468>>2794443 Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'm steadily improving and working to deliver you more chapters. Your words of support make my days! :twilightsmile:

Hole Hearted now haz new cover art!

Comment posted by IceQB deleted Jun 29th, 2013
Comment posted by IceQB deleted Jun 29th, 2013
Comment posted by IceQB deleted Jun 29th, 2013

I'm still as hooked as always Akashic Pony. But grammar, punctuations and grammatical structuring like using "She is" rather than "She's" in a speech, all plague the story.

But... I have to say it didn't really distract me from the epic storyline. Keep writing :) Dent x Echo forever :heart:

2796294 Twilight, Luna, and Cadance. That's 3 princesses. Pm me next time you spot mistakes next time :twilightsmile:

2796459 Oh okay :) There's quite many minor mistakes, but nothing a proofreader can't fix XD

lol... I forgot about Cadence o.o

2796472 My editor and I are working on it. Up to chap 8 now. Please pm me if you like to help.

This story is addictively awesome! Thumbs up! Keep writing man.

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