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The mighty Griffin Kingdoms with their new War Wing airships have ventured forth to conquer their neighbors. The Zebra Tribal Confederation faces complete defeat as War Wings cast shadows upon their sovereign soil. A desperate plan is born to change the winds. Meanwhile a Griffin meets a Zebra.
War and Romance as these two lovers dance. The fate of two nations teeters on the brink.
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Executive Editor Ignis
Character Cast Portraits Included.

Reagle Hawkmor
The Griffin Kingdom’s Warrior Prince who has won many ‘clean’ victories earning celebrity even beyond his position. Honorable to a fault, he may find the politics of Griffin Imperial Court hold different values.
Zaza Zakar
Among the last of the infamous Zebra Zerkers, she like her brethren feel no pain in combat. Given a special mission the fate of her people will depend on her success or failure. Her feelings outside the physical though perhaps might be more challenging.
A banished criminal, he became a spy to redeem himself. Having travelled the continent he has many connections.
She is an Ibex with battle scars that would have killed lesser fighters. A songstress, her singing soothes the war weary souls of soldiers. She owns the “Fighting-gale” a seedy water hole.
Ironbeak Ironclaw
Reagle’s cousin, he lives in the shadow of greater Griffins. Meek and weak he does little upon his own initiative. He is heir to Ironclaw the secondary house of the Griffin Kingdoms. While none fear him, all respect his lieutenant.
Dori Bloodtalon
A female Griffin Commander, she attained her rank by skill, will, and kill. Self-appointed heir of House Bloodtalon, none of her brothers or even her father dare oppose her.
Leader of the elite unit called the Ravens, she is Lord Ironclaw’s adopted daughter. Whereas Ironbeak was a disappointment, Banshee is the exemplar to his expectations. The tone she carries forth into battle is indifferent. It is rumored that she lacks the capacity to feel.


Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 57 )

am liking it, keep on going plz.

Even though that by a biological and physical standpoint, a zebra (or any horse-like creature for that matter) and a gryphon are incompatible, this seems like it could be a pretty good story.

Comment posted by mrk deleted Aug 19th, 2013
Comment posted by bahatumay deleted Jun 7th, 2013

There are a lot of sentences that end in periods that should end in commas.
I like this guy. Reagle's smarter than he looks.

* doing a spit take * ok her sister is Zecora AWESOME

Oh, dis gon b gud. I have always pegged Zecora as a warrior who has seen things too horrific to share so I think I like where this is going.

Very different and I love it. Also your descriptive ability is amazing. Approved for Twilight's Library :duck::derpytongue2:

Whoa, you're referencing the Battle of Ishlawanda. That's heavy history. Never thought I'd see that in the bronyhood. Semper Fi son. Good job.

2798014 :heart: Another fellow historian. I am most impressed. My references can get a bit esoteric.

That thing with the ring. I gotta try that line with my girlfriend. Lol, I don't think it work the same tho. Great scene.

That's fighting dirty.

Why does the chapter repeat itself?

3031467 Thank you friend for bringing that to my attention. The upload features are rather glitchy and require oversight.

Hi everyone thanks for your continued support. Nokimbe and Isara have now been drawn! Their character portraits have added. Check it out.

Yes new chapter! :rainbowderp: You really like to throw a wrench in my expectations in a good way. The intrigue just keeps building.

love the story can't wait for the new chapter and love how the stories intertwine:twilightsmile:

great to this get updated hope to see more soon :yay:

3892403 Thanks for reading thus far! Another chapter is well in the works. :twilightsmile: It'll reveal a great deal.

is the phoenix of the zebra king meant to be a captain harlock reference?

3895732 I make many references from historical, comical, and topical. Thanks for noticing! :twilightsmile:

I love your art. Very sweet!

Purely amazing, also finished

good to see this is getting an update :yay:


3958622 4632745 4640999

Reagle pulled out a map. “Wait a tick! Even with a one way trip, the Zebra ships won’t make it to the Griffin Isles.”

Reagle chirped. “Bloody brilliant, Equestrian relief aid?”

Is it me or Reagle sounds like the 10th Doctor from "Dr. Who"?:

What next, is Reagle gonna start shouting the words "Allons-y!" and "Fantastic!"?

So cute :rainbowkiss: Also, kind of creepy with the Griffin biology experiments :twilightoops:

Reagle is from the Griffin Isles (modeled after the British Isles). The Griffins are most similar to colonial age British industrial imperialists. Doctor Who is British, so they have similar slang. :twilightsmile:

I haz a Wiki. Check it out, friend.

I'm surprised I passed this over the first time I saw this, but reading this now, I thoroughly enjoy this story and the world you've created, I'll be happy to continue watching for future updates and keep this enjoying story alive.

This was a great read and a wonderful story! Reagle and Zazas daughter looks so cute! :rainbowkiss:

So, I'm finally reading this. It seems like this is one if those stories I can't escape reading. You keep seeing them around until you can't resist reading them. And they're good. This is good, and I'm really liking it so far!:scootangel:
One question, though, how come the Griffins believe in the old Norse gods? Is this a historical reference? It's a really interesting one, in that case!:pinkiehappy:

Follow me too friend. All my stories intersect in interesting ways. Remember the heroes of one story may be the villain of an another's. Such is the curse of perspective. :raritywink:

Ohohohoho Zeal is a cute little she-griffin now but wait till she grows up... In Shadows of Shattered Dreams.

This story was cheesier, than all the dairy-shops in Switzerland and the last chapter was rather rushed.
But I still enjoyed the entire story :pinkiehappy:!

The image needs more red stains.

Originally I had three more chapters planned concerning the loose ends with Gilda and securing Griffin homeland support. The political backstabbing and Imperial court intrigue would have put an even more cynical shade upon the nature of securing 'peace'. Time budget didn't allow for those chapters. I figured though it was still worth it to tie the bow and give ZZL the ending it deserved. :twilightsmile:

Check out my other stories... they all interconnect! You may see our Griffin and Zebra pair yet again. :raritywink:

2684549 I know, I was expecting a head strong dumb ass. Thankfully, that pride has a mind backing it

5214920 A Zerker potion that numbs pain and apparently also numbs emotions, but the latter effect can become permanent through prolonged use.

5304268 Thanks. I had forgotten what that was at the time.

When they said biology, I was expecting zombies.

A nice happy ending. Though I have to agree that it felt a bit rushed what with how everything seemed to click together with minimal conflict, especially with the scene in the King's court with all the nobles, true they are more guided by fear and a want to appease the king, I just feel they are just going to cause trouble for the Griffon-Zebra unity.

Though I understand what with your time budget you had to cut it short, political and court intrigue are a pain to think about, more so thinking them and writing them I suppose.

Hope there's more stories with Reagle and Zaza :twilightsmile:

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